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Claw (Active)

Perform a swipe attack that deals moderate damage and penetrates armor by 75%.
Ultrasensitive (Passive)

SCP-939's eyesight is extremely limited but makes up for it with sensitivity to sound. Nearby sounds will appear as blips to SCP-939. The louder the sound, the further it can be seen.
Focus & Lunge (Active)

Crouch low on the ground and focus on your surroundings. While focused, SCP-939 can lunge forward at a great distance, dealing 120 damage to a player landed on and massive splash damage to anyone else in range.
Amnestic Cloud (Active)

Release an amnestic gas to disorientate humans, preventing them from perceiving SCP-939.
Mimicry (Active)

SCP-939 can mimic certain audio sources or the last few seconds of a human's mic they killed.
Health: 2700 Walk: 4.6 m/s
Hume Shield (Initial): 350 Sprint: 6.8 m/s
Hume Shield (20% HP): 700 Jump Power: 5.6
Hume Shield Regen: 30 HS/s
Hume Shield Regen Delay: 10s
Other Information
Spawn Location: Heavy Containment Zone
Class ID: 16
Voiced by: maidofmetal
Originally named Harper before transformation
Class Color: EC2222
Article Link: Page

SCP-939-168, or SCP-939 for short, is one of the seven playable SCP classes in SCP: Secret Laboratory.
SCP-939 is effective at ambushing and picking off lone targets. SCP-939 is also capable of misleading players through the use of mimicry.

Operational Guides

Class Operational Guide

The sound of laughter and idle chatter echoes through the hallways. An eerie silence follows. Your instincts scream at you to turn away, to ignore the familiar voices, to run in the opposite direction. 

A sense of unease comes over you as the voices fade into the distance.

But mankind has been known for their limitless curiosity... and the consequences that follow.

“They’re terrifying. Sometimes I stay up at night, asking myself if I made the right choice. Questioning my decision to listen to my instincts and to abandon them. Constantly wondering if the voices I heard were genuine chatter amongst the staff or just another imitation from that damn thing. I can still hear the cries, the shrieks of terror that followed in the distance. I didn’t know; no one did. It wasn’t my fault! How was I supposed to know? You would have done the same thing!”
-Dr. Jonathan Essex, Senior Researcher, Site-02

Abilities Operational Guides

- [M1] — Claw

Press the Attack button and SCP-939 will swing her arm in a wide arc, damaging any players in close proximity. Claw has armor penetration, meaning armored targets will take less damage compared to those who are unprotected. 

“Claws as sharp as a sword, teeth longer than daggers. How is it that a human can be turned from harmless to a predator capable of mindless slaughter? This world can be truly terrifying.”

- [C] — Focus

By holding C, SCP-939 adopts a low-to-the ground pose, allowing them to greatly increase their perception of their surroundings. While focusing, SCP-939 gains the following benefits:

* A new ability: ‘Lunge’.
* The range of ‘Ultrasensitive’ is greatly increased over several seconds.
* Humans visible under the effects of ‘Ultrasensitive’ are recoloured to their class color, e.g.: Class-D will be perceived as orange. 
* Players under the effects of SCP-268 will become visible.

Focus has several drawbacks. SCP-939 can only partially rotate its head and cannot move for several seconds after Focus is deactivated. 

“Behavioral studies of SCP-939 instances have shown the object to be capable of limitless patience during a hunt.”

- [Passive] — Ultrasensitive

SCP-939’s eyesight is extremely limited, but they are extremely sensitive to sound. SCP-939 can see the world normally at an extremely short distance. Outside of this area, humans cannot be seen by eyesight. They can only be detected and tracked through SCP-939’s perception of sound. If anyone triggers this sense, a particle will appear at the trigger’s location. Each sound has an individual audible range, with generated particles becoming more faint as they reach the maximum distance. 

Differing sounds have various ranges. For example, a gunshot can be heard from many rooms away while walking cannot be heard from very far.

“We’ve finally found a weakness we can easily exploit with this creature. A weapon, originally designed to blind humans, the ‘flashbang’, has been shown to be even more effective against SCP-939. I imagine that our task force teams will be grateful for this discovery if she ever got out.”

- [F] — Amnestic Cloud

SCP-939 can hold or press the F key to unleash a cloud of invisible amnestic gas (holding the key increases the radius). This gas causes human players to lose their perception of SCP-939 and will no longer be able to see it. Humans will be blind to SCP-939’s whereabouts unless:

* SCP-939 attacks them in any way (all players under the effect). 
* SCP-939 physically touches them (individual).
* SCP-939 is shot by a human (individual).
* A human leaves the cloud’s radius for several seconds (individual).

Players under the effect of Amnesia also cannot reload or heal (but may use keycards).

“When I was first assigned to SCP-939, there was a gas leak in the extraction pipe for its amnestic gas. The terror I felt was unimaginable. I lost where I was, I couldn't act, and, worst of all… I had no idea where she’d gone..”

- [Shift] — Sprint

SCP-939 is able to sprint extremely fast for a short duration, allowing them to cover great distances and catch their prey. However, SCP-939 may only sprint for a short time, as indicated by a stamina bar. For every second SCP-939 was sprinting, their Ultrasensitive range will be reduced. 

“I was assigned to monitor security cameras during SCP-939’s first breach attempt at Site-02. I remember, in vivid detail, watching the researchers desperately attempt to run away. Not one of them made it to the hallway before it had caught them. All of them having their cranium forcibly destroyed. The screaming still haunts me.”

- [C+ Space or LMB] — Lunge

SCP-939 can pounce on their prey, ambushing and killing them. To initiate a lunge, SCP-939 must focus for a short duration. The ferocity of a lunge will kill any player it hits. Additionally, humans near the impact point will take considerable damage.
SCP-939 takes several seconds to recover from a lunge. 

“The subject’s anomalous nature and method of reproduction does not distinguish it from other carnivores. The fact remains… She is the hunter and you are her prey.”

- [TAB] — With many voices

When killing a player, you might steal their voice. Open the TAB menu to use their last words.

SCP-939 may press MMB to open a radial dial that presents the player with several mimicry options. These options allow the player to trick humans into believing a particular situation is occurring. Each sound effect has its own cooldown. 

"In Ancient Aethiopia there was an animal they called the Crocottas or "dog-wolf". It is said to mimic the human voice; calling their prey and devouring them. It was faster and stronger than anything commonly known today. I wonder... Has this object really been around for that long?"

In Game

At the start of the round, SCP-939 will spawn in its Containment Cell located in Heavy Containment Zone. SCP-939 acts as an ambush class for the SCPs, having many abilities useful for tracking humans down and taking them by surprise.
SCP-939 can talk to the other SCPs by holding down the Q key. This voice chat can be heard by all SCPs, regardless of distance.

Hume Shield

  • SCP-939 has a base Hume Shield value of 350.
    • At 20% HP, SCP-939 will have 700 Hume Shield.
  • If SCP-939 takes no damage for 10 seconds, their Hume Shield will regenerate at 30 HS/s.



SCP-939 can perform a Swipe AoE attack with Left Click, with a range of roughly 1.1 meters. Targets closest to the crosshair receives 100% damage while secondary extra targets receive total damage spread across the number of them. All targets damaged by 939 are marked for 5 seconds, allowing SCP-939 to still steal voices if the player dies from another source. The player can hold down Left Click to automatically repeat the attack. Each swing takes 0.8s to complete. The attack itself deals 40 damage and has 75% penetration. While the attack damage is the same as SCP-049-2's swing attack, the 0.8s attack speed makes it have a much higher DPS, allowing it to kill a player much faster than SCP-049-2.

The following chart displays detailed information over SCP-939's Claw ability with damage modifiers, these assume no healing items are used and the player being attacked is at full health (100):

No Armor Light Armor Combat Armor Heavy Armor
Default Damage: 40
Hits: 3
TTK: 2.4s
Damage: 36
Hits: 3
TTK: 2.4s
Damage: 34
Hits: 3
TTK: 2.4s
Damage: 32
Hits: 4
TTK: 3.2s
AHP Damage (HP): 12
Damage (AHP): 28
Hits: 7
TTK: 5.6s
Damage (HP): 10.8
Damage (AHP): 25.2
Hits: 7
TTK: 5.6s
Damage (HP): 10.2
Damage (AHP): 23.8
Hits: 7
TTK: 5.6s
Damage (HP): 9.6
Damage (AHP): 22.4
Hits: 7
TTK: 5.6s
Burned Damage: 50
Hits: 2
TTK: 1.6s
Damage: 45
Hits: 3
TTK: 2.4s
Damage: 42.5
Hits: 3
TTK: 2.4s
Damage: 40
Hits: 3
TTK: 2.4s

  • TTK = Time to Kill; assuming no attacks miss
  • Damage (HP) is how much damage HP takes while having AHP. Damage (AHP) is how much damage AHP takes.
  • The AHP section is based on a player with 75 AHP and does not factor in decay.


SCP-939 has extremely weak eyesight, making it difficult to see players in-game. While their eyesight is weak, SCP-939 is extremely sensitive to sound, allowing SCP-939 to see audio sources from far away. Audio sources within a range of SCP-939's hearing will appear as a blip on the player's screen, with different ranges based on the source. Humans who have enter the "eyesight" range will remain visible outside it for a short period of time.

SCP-939 can visibly see all players within their small "eyesight" radius. The possible ranges are the following:

  • Default: 1.5 meters
  • 50% Stamina: 0.75 meters
  • Focus: 3 meters
  • Jumping/Sprinting, Firing a weapon: 4 meters

The distance SCP-939 can see "sound blips" are directly based on the volume of said sound. Footstep sounds are also dependent on the class of the player. They are roughly the following:

  • Reloading, Using Medical Items, Consuming SCP-207 or SCP-500, Applying SCP-1853
    • Default: 15 meters
    • 50% Stamina: 7.5 meters

Grenade Beeping, Elevator

    • Default: 18 meters
    • 50% Stamina: 9 meters

  • Doors/Gates, Glass Breaking, Using the Micro H.I.D.
    • Default: 30 meters
    • 50% Stamina: 15 meters

SCP-939 can see players who are currently using their mic, this distance is based on how loud the player is talking into their mic.
The player's speed affects the distance SCP-939 can hear their footsteps, caution should be taken with items that increase speed.
On the surface zone, if a human have not produced a “blip” naturally in the last 20 seconds, they will begin producing “blips” at 10s intervals until one is produced naturally again.
Post-alpha warhead detonation, all humans are permanently revealed.
The Deafen Makes all noises muffled and quiet for a short time Status Effect will prevent SCP-939 from seeing sound triggers for the duration of the effect, making Flashbang Grenades an effective tool to counter SCP-939.


By holding C, SCP-939 will begin to crouch low near the ground over two seconds. During these two seconds, SCP-939's FOV will slowly widen to 120 degrees while their speed will drop by 10% every 0.2 seconds, up to 100%. After the two-second preparation time, SCP-939 will be given increases to their perception, plus the ability to Lunge forward.

Once focused, SCP-939’s growling noises (starting at silence) gradually get louder over 10 seconds. At max volume, humans within 8m can hear the growling. Growling buildup begins to regress after 5 seconds of leaving focus.

The following benefits are also applied while Focused:

  • Certain sound trigger blips will now be recolored to match the class that made them
    • Footsteps
    • Micro H.I.D.
    • Unsilenced gunfire
    • Medical Items being used
    • Reloading
  • If the player leaves Focus, all of these benefits are instantly revoked.

The ability can be canceled at any time by releasing C, with the time returning to standing up being based on how long the player held the key, up to two seconds.

Amnestic Cloud

While in a valid location, SCP-939 can release an Amnestic Cloud into the area by holding the F key. The radius of the cloud is determined by how long the player held the key. The maximum time it can be held for is 3.2 seconds which results in a radius of 7.2 meters.
Humans inside the cloud receive the Amnesia SCP-939 becomes invisible to players under this effect. Status Effect. The effect last the entire duration the player stays inside the cloud plus roughly two seconds after leaving. While players under the Amnesia effect are unable to see SCP-939, touching or hurting SCP-939 will cause all players to see them. All players will briefly see SCP-939 if they successfully land an attack, such as Claw or Lunge. SCP-939 being invisible to players under Amnesia makes it easy for them to attack targets by surprise or retreat without being detected. Though, players with the effect can't hear any Mimicry used by SCP-939.
The Invigorated status effect prevents Amnesia from being applied to the player. The Adrenaline item will instantly remove the Amnesia Effect from the player. Note, this removal is tied to the item itself, and not the Invigorated Effect itself. Other items that apply Invigorated, such as candies from SCP-330, will not remove an active Amnesia effect from the player. Instead the Amnesia Effect will fade away after two seconds, similar to leaving the cloud itself. 

Amnestic Cloud will consistently have an 80 second long cooldown after a cloud is successfully placed, regardless of its size.

A valid location is any spot that is the same elevation as any door in the facility, regardless if it is flat or not. There are some exceptions to this rule, such as the very bottom level of SCP-079's containment chamber and the flat areas of the Surface Zone's Escape Area.


While Focused, SCP-939 can Lunge forward at 10.8 m/s by pressing Left Click. While in air, the direction of Lunge can be altered up to 40 degrees, after hitting this capacity it can no longer be altered. Lunge will deal 120 damage to any unfortunate player that SCP-939 lands on. If multiple players are nearby each other, only one of them will take 120 damage, the rest will only take 30. It takes about two seconds for SCP-939 to recover from a Lunge, giving players a short time to attack.


SCP-939 can sprint at 6.8 m/s by holding Shift. Their Stamina will be fully depleted after ten seconds. Their Stamina bar has a seven second delay before it begins to regen at a rate of 10% per second.

While not sprinting, SCP-939's footsteps are silent.


Mimicry is an ability that allow SCP-939 to mimic other noises to confuse other players. By holding the Tab key, a special menu opens up for the Mimicry ability. On the left is the "Stolen Voices" menu while on the right is the "Environmental Mimicry" menu. Between them is a the "set mimic point" button. The "set mimic point" button will place a marker where SCP-939 is currently looking at, up to a max distance of 7.5 meters. This marker can only be seen by SCP-939 and will go away if SCP-939 travels more than 20 meters away from it or places down a second marker. Above the button shows the current distance SCP-939 is from the mimic point.

Stealing a Voice

One of the options in the Mimicry ability menu, when selected, SCP-939 will play the last four seconds of speech of a recent human they killed or one that was marked and killed by another SCP. The ability has a cooldown of ten seconds, and will be broadcasted at a Mimic Point if one is placed. An option exist to play the audio client side only, as well as an option to delete a recording. A total of eight voices can be stolen at a time, any additional ones will automatically delete the oldest recording. Clicking the star icon will allow the player to favorite a stolen voice clips, doing so will bind the clip to a key, from numbers 1-9. Favorited voice clips will never get automatically deleted. The ability to only play a specific part of a voice clip is also available by interaction with the audio waves and selecting the range.

Players have the option to prevent SCP-939 recording their voice in the game's settings, which was added for legal reasons.

Recordings are automatically deleted if human player leaves the server in any way.

Environmental Mimicry

Environmental Mimicry is broken up into multiple different sub categories of mimicry. All of them share a cooldown of three seconds.

Shooting Mimicry

SCP-939 can mimic the firing sound of a chosen firearm. The noise the gun plays is random such as, Shotgun with the Double Shot Trigger attachment, Crossvec with a Suppressor, MTF-E11-SR without a Suppressor. The firing times is also randomized. Firearms such as the COM-15, COM-18 and Revolver will have their firing noise played multiple times.

The following firearms can be mimicked:

Miscellaneous Mimicry

SCP-939 can mimic the noise of other classes in an attempt to mislead players.

From left to right on the menu, the following options exist:

Impersonation Mimicry

SCP-939 can mimic the sounds of other classes in an attempt to mislead players.

An SCP must be present and alive in a round for SCP-939 to mimic their sounds.

The following sounds can be mimicked:

  • Standard Human footsteps (MTF Icon)
  • Chaos Footsteps
  • SCP-049 Footsteps
  • SCP-096 Cries
  • SCP-106 Footsteps
  • SCP-173 Footsteps
  • SCP-173 Snap
  • SCP-939 Footsteps


Amnestic Cloud



SCP-939 Changelog History
7.0.0 SCP-939-53 and SCP-939-89 added.
1st April 2018 Renamed both versions of SCP-939 to Evil SCP-999 for the Aprils Fools update. Model changed to an orange blob, and vision color was changed to orange and white. Attack sound's pitch was shifted up.
9.0.0 Removed the 25% speed boost when damaged.
Sprint speed increased to 7 hu/s was 6.5 hu/s.
Walking footsteps are silent; sprinting footsteps remain audible.
Walk speed reduce to 4.5 hu/s was 5 hu/s.
Mimicking no longer plays over SCP chat.
10.0.0 Attacks inflict Amnesia for 3 seconds.
Attacks consistently deal 65 damage Originally dealt a random amount between 50 and 80 HP..
23rd October 2020 Both SCP-939 variants received different visual updates for the Halloween update.
11.0.0 Max HP decreased to 1800 Was 2200..
600 HS applied.
Bite damage reduced to 50 Was 65..
Can now destroy glass with attack.
Proper ragdoll added.
24th October 2021 Both SCP-939 variants received different visual updates for the Halloween update.
8th October 2022 A Patreon post about SCP-939's rework is made public.
12.0.0 Patreon Beta I SCP-939 Reworked.
  • New model and sounds.
  • HS reduced to 350 Was 600.. Maximum HS changes based on remaining HP.
  • Walk speed has undergone metrification, it is now 4.3 m/s. (Effectively an increase)
  • Run speed has undergone metrification, it is now 7.2 m/s. (Effectively an increase)
  • Overhauled Ultrasensitive: SCP-939 is now sensitive to almost all sounds made.
  • Overhauled Predator: SCP-939 now has a stamina bar which has unique qualities compared to the human stamina.
  • Bite replaced with Claw.
  • Mimic removed.
  • Three new abilities: Focus, Lunge, and Mimicry (Mimicry only has VC mimicry implemented).
  • Removed the chance for two SCP-939s to spawn in a round Originally, two different instances of SCP-939 could spawn in a round. They functioned exactly the same.
  • SCP-939 spawns in SCP-939's Containment Area Orignally spawned in Testroom. in Heavy Containment Zone.
Patreon Beta II SCP-939 can now use Mimicry and Focus at the same time.
Dropped items now have a limit for sound source ripples.
Patreon Beta VI Color Correction shader adjusted for SCP-939.
SCP-939's viewmodel no longer receives lighting and is now always greyscale.
Changed footstep SFX.
Patreon Beta VIII Added Amnestic Cloud.
Public Beta Added Mimic Point and Environmental Mimicry to Mimicry.
Increased the range of Claw.
Decreased deploy time of Amnestic Cloud.
Increased the maximum size of Amnestic Cloud by 20%
The Amnestic Cloud deploy sound is now only audible to SCP-939.
Amnesia now no longer instantly prevents reloading or use of medical items, but their use is still prevented after a few seconds.
Human footsteps are now likelier to be detected by SCP-939.
13.0.0 Mimicry ability reworked. Menu overhaul and new discarding system.
13.1.0 New first-person viewmodel textures.
13.2.0 Rebalanced SCP-939.
  • Adjusted how Claw's area of effect was calculated.
  • SCP-939 can now damage players under SCP-268's effect.
  • SCP-939 now emits a growling noise during Focus.
  • Adjusted Ultrasensitive.
  • Adjusted Amnesia Cloud. No longer prevents players from reloading or healing. SCP-939 is now made visible to those in the cloud when attacking.
  • Reduced sprinting speed to 6.7 m/s.
  • Increased base movement speed to 4.6 m/s.
  • Increased stamina to a total of 15 seconds.


  • Interestingly, SCP-939 sees via sound in-game, despite the SCP-939 wiki article suggesting SCP-939 uses heat and air pressure to see their surroundings.
  • Before SCP-939's rework in the Mimicry update, there were two variants of SCP-939, known as SCP-939-53 and SCP-939-89. Both had different models, but functioned exactly the same. It was possible for both to spawn at the beginning of a round.
    • SCP-939-89 was originally called SCP-939-109.
    • It was originally planned for there to be only one model for SCP-939, but due to a miscommunication, two models were made. It was decided to implement both models into the game, making two variants of SCP-939.
  • SCP-939 will sometimes flinch and scream when taking damage. The following will trigger this reaction:
    • Hume Shield bar is lowered to zero.
    • Taking damage while at full Hume Shield.
    • SCP-939 receives 90 damage in a short period of time, requiring a DPS of roughly 81 to meet the requirements (There is a 10 second cooldown between each flinch)
  • When SCP-939 reaches 0 HP, they will simply fall backwards. Similar to SCP-079, SCP-096 and SCP-106 they do not actually die. This is due to the fact SCP-939 instances are practically immortal, and can only be terminated if their body is completely destroyed, such as with the 3-X Particle Disruptor, Alpha Warhead or Decontamination Process.
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