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SCP-939 89.png

Health 2200
Spawn Zone Heavy Containment Zone
Movement Speed Walk: 4.5 m/s
Sprint: 7 m/s
Special Ability Can sprint
Speak to humans
See sound through walls
Attack gives players the
Amnesia Effect Cause the player to not be able to reload their weapon or open their inventory.
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Class ID 16 = 939-53
17 = 939-89


SCP-939 is one of the seven playable SCP classes in SCP: Secret Laboratory.
SCP-939s are creatures that are able to mimic the voice of their prey, using it to lure in new victims.
SCP-939 acts as a 'chase' SCP, being able to easily catch up to humans who waste their Stamina. SCP-939 also acts in a minor support role with the ability to talk to humans, in an attempt to trick them into opening doors.
Unlike other the other playable SCPs, multiple SCP-939s can spawn in a given round.

In Game[edit]

Starting the round, SCP-939 will spawn in its containment cell which has a ramp leading to the HCZ. Upon escaping, SCP-939 is able to roam curiously around the HCZ, finding prey or other escaped SCPs.
Many encounters can happen for SCP-939, such as being attacked by the Facility Guards or they could possibly head straight towards the LCZ.

SCP-939 can only see people who are making noise (i.e. walking, sprinting or firing weapon within a certain distance) and can view these players through walls.
People who SCP-939 see will have an animated ghostly white outline.
SCP-939 can also see people who are within a very close range to him and can always see people on the surface no matter what. SCP-939 can't see people who are sneaking unless he touches them.
SCP-939 is not affected by people who are wearing SCP-268.

SCP-939 has a bite attack that it can perform with a Left Click.png Left Click and is generally most effective to simply hold down Left Click.png Left Click. The bite attack is extremely strong, dealing 65 damage of HP as well as applying the Amnesia Effect.

SCP-939 has the ability to speak with a voice identical in behaviour to humans, with proximity range and heard by all players nearby. This is done by holding down the V key and can only be heard by people near SCP-939 - it cannot be heard by other SCPs unless they are near it.
Like other SCPs, SCP-939 can talk to the other SCP players by holding down the Q key. This voice chat can be heard by all SCPs regardless of the distance.

SCP-939's footsteps are completely silent unless sprinting, allowing him to easily sneak up behind unsuspecting targets.

Despite being blind, SCP-939 is not immune to Flashbang Grenades, this is because SCP-939 instances are very sensitive to light, similar to SCP-106.

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit]


  • Can run
  • Can talk to non-SCPs
  • Can see outlines of players causing sound through multiple walls
  • Footsteps are silent when not sprinting
  • Not affected by people using SCP-268
  • Weapons that increase firing noise are heard easier by SCP-939 than other classes.
    • P90 and E-11 Heavy Barrel increases range by 44%
    • USP Heavy Barrel increases range by 125%


  • Can easily be avoided
  • Incredibly large hitbox
  • Cooldown on attacks
  • Takes multiple hits to kill enemies
  • Slower sprint speed than human classes
  • Attachments that decrease firing noise are harder to hear as SCP-939 compared to other classes
    • Silencers reduce the range to 6.25%
    • Suppresors reduce the range to 16%




  • Interesting, SCP-939 sees via sound in-game, despite the SCP-939 wiki article suggesting SCP-939 uses heat and air pressure to see their surroundings.
  • For the 2019 April Fools Update, SCP-939's model was changed to SCP-999, along with his name being changed to Evil SCP-999. It made high pitch growls when attacking and the vision was white and orange.