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Basic Information
Description Temporarily increases endurance.
Type Medical
Usage Grants bonus health
Weight Affects item pick-up time & window breaking 0.5kg
Pick-Up Time 0.33s Unrounded value: 0.3325s
Other Information
Spawn MTF Captains
Chaos Repressors
Adrenaline First Aid Cabinets
Obtainable from 914? True
Applied Effects Invigorated Effect Gives the player infinite sprint.
Spawn ID 33

The Adrenaline is a type of Medical Item found in SCP: Secret Laboratory.

In Game[edit]

Adrenaline can be applied by pressing Left Click.png Left Click while equipped. The item is quick to use, making it useful to use mid combat.

Upon being used, the following effects are applied:

  • 40 Artificial HP.
    • 70% of damage is absorbed by Artificial Health.
    • Artificial Health drains at 1.2 AHP/s and caps at 75 AHP.
  • Refills the Stamina Bar to full; gives the Invigorated Gives the player infinite sprint Status Effect for eight seconds.
  • Removes the Concussed Causes the players screen to get blurry when they turn Status Effect.



Related Achievements[edit]

  • Using the Artificial Health from the Adrenaline to survive a hit that will normally kill you grants the Ha! I didn't even feel that! achievement.


Equip Animation
Use Animation


  • When Adrenaline was first added, it gave the user a powerful regen along side AHP. This was removed in Parabellum (v11.0.0) for balancing puroses.
  • During Alpha Builds of SCP: Secret Laboratory, Adrenaline was an item that could be spawned in via Console. It healed 40 HP when used. The item was removed upon full release.