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Description Temporarily increases
Type Medical
Usage Grants bonus health
Spawn On certain classes
and in lockers
Applied Effects Invigorated Effect
Spawn ID 33


Adrenaline is a type of Medical Item found in SCP: Secret Laboratory, that will grant the user a small amount of Artificial HP, allowing them to take more damage and lose less permanent health. Adrenaline also provides the player with health regeneration for a short period of time.
can be used by press Left Click.png Left Click while they are equipped.

In Game[edit]

  • Gives the user about 30 Artificial Health.
    • 70% of damage is absorbed by Artificial Health.
    • If Artificial Health is depleted, excess damage will be dealt to regular HP at 100%.
    • Artificial Health drains at 1 per second and caps at 75 points.
  • Gives powerful regeneration. (4HP/s)
  • Applies the Invigorated Status Effects, giving the user infinite stamina for 20 seconds.
  • Removes the Concussed Status Effect.



Related Achievements[edit]

  • Using the Artificial Health from the Adrenaline to survive a hit that will normally kill you grants the Ha! I didn't even feel that! achievement.