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This article is about the Bag of Candies. You may be looking for SCP-330.
Bag of Candies
Basic Information
Description A bag containing the following candies:
Type Storage
Usage Carry candies taken from SCP-330
Weight Affects item pick-up time & window breaking 0.15 kg
Pick-Up Time 0.27s Unrounded value: 0.27125s
Other Information
Spawn Added to inventory upon interacting with SCP-330
Obtainable from 914? False (Can't be upgraded either)
Deletion % in PD Pocket Dimension Medium Tier (30%)
Disarm Immunity? Does having this item equipped make the player immune to being disarmed? Immune
Debug Name SCP330
Item ID 42

The Bag of Candies is a storage type Item found in SCP: Secret Laboratory. Acting as unique inventory space for candies taken from SCP-330.

In Game

The Bag of Candies is automatically added to the player's inventory upon interacting with SCP-330. It can then be accessed from the inventory from that point onwards. Any additional candy that is added to the player's inventory is automatically placed in the bag. The bag itself allows the user to carry six pieces of candy. The player can only have one bag at a time, picking up another bag will simply add its contents to the one in the inventory. If the player hits the limit of six candies, any left overs will stay in the bag on the ground, otherwise that bag disappears. Players can also drop candies on the ground. From a technical stand point, candies on the ground are just the Bag of Candies item using a different model.

The inventory for the Bag of Candies is a simplified version of the main inventory, so it lacks the sorting function.

Unlike Ammunition, which has a dynamic weight value based on the number of bullets inside a box. The Bag of Candies weight is static, it is always the same regardless of the amount of candies inside.

See the SCP-330 page for a more detailed list of effects.

Type of Candy Inventory Description
Blue Candy Grants a temporary barrier.
"It smells soft and sweet, something akin to a marshmallow"
Green Candy Provides a long-lasting regeneration of health and temporary immunity to most status effects.
"A nasty, herbal smell emits from the candy."
Pink Candy - R E D A C T E D -
"The strawberry scent is as gentle as it looks."
Purple Candy Grants temporary resistance to damage and slowly regenerates health.
"It has a juicy grape smell. Your mouth begins to water."
Rainbow Candy Grants a large number of small bonuses, including health regeneration, invigoration, and AHP.
"Its a hard piece of rock candy, packed with all sorts of flavours."
Red Candy Quickly restores your health.
"A strong scent of cherry fills the room. It’s a bit... too strong."
Yellow Candy Allows you to move faster and sprint longer for a short period of time.
"The overwhelming smell of lemon makes you cringe a little."



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