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Description Superball able to bounce with extreme efficiency.
Type SCP Item
Usage Bounces around, gaining momentum and
damage with each bounce. Single use.
Spawn Light Containment Zone
Heavy Containment Zone
Manufactor Blam-OLogo.png Blam-O MFG Co
Applied Effects Burned Effect Increases the damage
the player takes

Concussed Effect Causes the players screen
to get blurry when they turn, the faster
they turn the blurrier it gets
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Spawn ID 31

SCP-018 is an SCP item that can be used for offensive purposes. It is a small, red rubber ball that can be thrown to cause a lot of chaos and destruction.

In game[edit]

SCP-018 can only spawn in Bulletproof Locker №7s, which can appear in various locations around the map.
Bulletproof Locker №7s require a keycard with both Containment Access 2 and Checkpoint Access  Janitor Icon dark.png Guard Icon dark.png ZManager icon dark.png
Scientist Icon dark.png Cadet icon2.png Owner Icon.png
Research Supervisor Icon.png Lieutenant Icon.png Chaos card icon2.png
CEngineer icon.png Commander icon.png O5 icon.png
to open.

When thrown with Left Click.png Left Click, SCP-018 will bounce around the room it was thrown in, dealing damage on impact. As it gains momentum, it will gradually accelerate and deal increasingly more damage. SCP-018 will break any glass that it hits and, at high momentum, can break down any normal door (i.e. not gates, the doors to SCP-106's chamber or the Alpha Warhead door on Surface).

After 80 seconds, the object will exit Site-02 by exploding through a wall.

A dropped SCP-018 will also activate after it gains enough momentum (most commonly, as a result of an explosion or being dropped from too high).


SCP-018 can be thrown by pressing Left Click.png Left Click.

If bounced at a correct angle, SCP-018 will bounce perpendicular between 2 points, effectively preventing anyone from passing through temporarily. This same effect can be made though an entire hallway with doors open, or, if the doors are closed it will create a nasty surprise for someone heading in its path.

SCP-018 could also be used to open locked doors. This is useful to players who do not have appropriate keycards, or in late-game scenarios when SCP-914 becomes inaccessible.

SCP-018 is potent as a crowd control weapon, dealing huge amounts of damage to a squad of Chaos or NTF. It is especially potent when used in an elevator or similar confined space, as it will most likely kill everything inside.


Related Achievements[edit]

Escaping as a Class-D with at least 2 SCP Items in your inventory grants the Property of the Chaos Insurgency achievement.


Equip Animation


  • During development, a placeholder sound was used for the bouncing noise the object makes. This was one of the senior managers saying "reeeee".