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Health 400 (Initial Revival)
Hume Shield 0 (Initial)
Movement Speed Default: 4.9 m/s
Max: 5.17 m/s
Special Ability Melee Attack
Lobotomized Bloodlust
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Class Color #EC2222
Class ID 10

SCP-049-2 is one of the seven playable SCP classes in SCP: Secret Laboratory.
SCP-049-2 acts as a support SCP, meant to swarm small groups of people, while also acting as meat shields for other SCPs.

Abilities Operational Guides[edit]

- [LMB] — Swipe

The instance of SCP-049-2 thoughtlessly swings its arms, dealing damage to whatever human is caught in the attack.

- [Passive] — Lobotomized Bloodlust

When SCP-049-2 is chasing a human their speed will increase (up to a limit) every second and will decrease by twice the initial rate when not observing a human. Lobotomized Bloodlust will not start decreasing SCP-049-2’s speed until SCP-049-2 has broken contact with a human after a short duration. 

- [E] — Voracity

SCP-049-2 can hold E on any corpse they encounter that has not previously been consumed. After eating they will regenerate HP. The ability cannot be canceled once activated. It does not prevent SCP-049 reviving that player, and can only be done once per body. 

In Game[edit]

SCP-049-2 instances only spawn when SCP-049 resurrects a dead player. Upon revival, the player will spawn where they initially died. They have a fairly weak melee attack and low HP but are dangerous in numbers, being able to quickly swarm unprepared players.

SCP-049-2 can communicate with other SCPs by holding down the Q key. This voice chat can be heard by all SCPs regardless of the distance.

SCP-049 can resurrect a SCP-049-2 instances up to three times after they perish, but only if they were killed by a Human. A prompt will appear on screen telling the player to press the F key if they wish to not be resurrected again. Each additional resurrection applies a 10% Max HP lost to SCP-049-2.

Health of SCP-049-2 instances:

  • 400 HP at initial revival.
  • 360 HP after the first death.
  • 320 HP after the second death.
  • 290 HP after the third death.

Hume Shield[edit]

  • SCP-049-2 can only gain Hume Shield when SCP-049 uses their The Doctor's Call ability. If they are in range, they will slowly generate Hume Shield at a rate of 10 HS/s
  • The Hume Shield has a cap of 0.
  • This Hume Shield does not regenerate on its own.


Melee Swipe[edit]

By pressing Left Click.png Left Click, SCP-049-2 will perform a melee swipe attack. This attack has short range but a large arch, allowing SCP-049-2 to hit nearby targets that aren't in the center of the screen. The downside being the attack can only hit one human at a time, being based off proximity. This attack will deal 40 damage to a human player when hit.

Lobotomized Bloodlust[edit]

While observing a human, SCP-049-2's movement speed will increase by 0.05 for every second that pass, capping out at 7.1 m/s. This speed will start to decrease at a rate of 0.10/s if five seconds have passed without SCP-049-2 observing a human.


Pressing the E key on a corpse will allow SCP-049-2 to consume it, causing them to regenerate 100 HP. This process takes seven seconds and it can not be cancelled once it starts. Consuming a corpse does not prevent SCP-049 from turning the corpse into an SCP-049-2 instance. A corpse can only be consumed once, disallowing multiple different SCP-049-2 instances from consuming the same corpse.




  • All human factions share the same SCP-049-2 model upon resurrection.
  • In older versions of the game, SCP-049-2s used to have T-posing models, which became a joke within the community for a long time.
  • The model for SCP-049-2 is an altered version of the corpse ragdoll, which was used for every single playable entity in the game before the 5.0.0 update.
  • When given firearms through Remote Admin, SCP-049-2s have the human animations for wielding and using weapons.
    • Although this feature existed in previous versions as an unintentional consequence of SCP-049-2 reusing the code from humans, this was officially programmed manually into SCP-049-2's animations after 12.0 made the animation systems independent from one another.