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This article is about the SCP-207. You may be looking for SCP-207?.
Basic Information
Description Harmfully increases motor skills.
Type Consumable (Motor Skills)
Usage Makes the user faster but slowly drains HP.
Gives the player infinite Stamina.
Spawn Bulletproof Locker №7
Number of Spawns 1-3
Weight Affects item pick-up time, window breaking and throw distance 1 kg
Usage Time 3.2s
Pick-Up Time 0.42s Unrounded value: 0.42s
Obtainable from 914? True
Deletion % in PD Pocket Dimension High Tier (0%)
Disarm Immunity? Does having this item equipped make the player immune to being disarmed? Immune
Applied Effects SCP-207 Effect Increases movement speed and gives infinite Stamina
Other Information
Manufactor Conta-Cola Bottling Company
Article Link SCP Article
Debug Name SCP207
Item ID 18

SCP-207 is an SCP Item found in SCP Secret Laboratory. SCP-207 will increase the player's speed at the cost of their health. It can be used to get out of a dangerous situations, as it allows the player to easily outrun other classes.

Operational Guide

“It's just a bottle of Cola”, you told yourself as you drank it. 

Your first mistake was thinking they'd bring you into a fortified room just to drink Cola. The second was chugging the entire bottle without asking any questions. 

Now they're testing your endurance, and you don't even notice that you're still running the track after two hours.

"Perhaps a more unique feature of this SCP is how innocent it appears. A mere bottle of Cola. What’s the worst that could happen? The Class-D we tested on soon found out. They were bouncing off the walls like they never had caffeine a day in their lives. I’m not the type of person to find humor in such situations, but even I have to admit that it was quite comical... What was less comical, was seeing them lined up in the on-site morgue due to heart failure a few days later."
-Dr. Alexa Ambrose, Medical Supervisor, Site-02

In Game

SCP-207 can be found in Bulletproof Locker №7s around the map, which require a Keycard with both Containment Access 2 and Checkpoint Access 

Containment Access 2 Checkpoint Access
to open.

While equipped, SCP-207 can be consumed by pressing Left Click. Afterwards, the player will be given the SCP-207 Infinite sprint and increased movement speed
but slowly drains health
Status Effect, and will recover 30 HP. Using SCP-500 will completely cure the player of the effects of SCP-207. Players can drink multiple SCP-207s to increase its effects. A player can stack up to a total of three SCP-207s.

The speed increase from SCP-207 increases the distance SCP-939 can hear one's footsteps.

If the player uses SCP-1853 while under the effects of SCP-207, they will be given the Poisoned Damage dealt every 5 seconds. Slowly increases over time.
Damage: 2HP - 20HP
Status Effect. One SCP-207 grants a 10% speed boost to the player; two will grant a 20% speed boost; three will grant a 40% speed boost.

The stats increase for SCP-207 is as followed. The distance section represents how far a 100 HP target can travel without healing before they die.

One 207 Two 207s Three 207s
Movement Speed Health Drain Distance Traveled Speed Health Drain Distance Traveled Speed Health Drain Distance Traveled
Standing 0 m/s 0.15 HP/s 0 m 0 m/s 0.25 HP/s 0 m 0 m/s 0.4 HP/s 0 m
Sneaking 1.76 m/s 0.225 HP/s 782.2 meters 52.15 hallways 1.92 m/s 0.375 HP/s 512 meters 34.13 hallways 2.24 m/s 0.6 HP/s 373.3 meters 24.89 hallways
Walking 4.29 m/s 0.9 HP/s 476.7 meters 31.78 hallways 4.68 m/s 1.5 HP/s 312 meters 20.8 hallways 5.46 m/s 2.4 HP/s 227.5 meters 15.17 hallways
Sprinting 5.94 m/s 1.5 HP/s 396 meters 26.4 hallways 6.48 m/s 2.5 HP/s 259.2 meters 17.28 hallways 7.56 m/s 4 HP/s 189 meters 12.6 hallways

Related Achievements

Click to view 3 achievement(s) related to SCP-207:

Fire In The Hole
Kill another player with an explosion.

High on the Wings of Caffeine
As a civilian class, escape the facility while under the effects of SCP-207

Property of the Chaos Insurgency
As a Class-D Personnel, escape with two or more SCP items in your inventory.



Equip Animation
Use Animation


  • SCP-207 has the words "Conta-Cola" on its label, which is a reference to the real life "Coca-Cola" company.
  • Even though the player is clearly drinking SCP-207, the amount of liquid inside the bottle does not decrease.
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