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First Aid Kit
Basic Information
Description Heals your injuries.
Type Treatment
Usage Heals the user for 65 HP
Weight Affects item pick-up time & window breaking 0.7 kg
Usage Time 4s
Pick-Up Time 0.37s Unrounded value: 0.3675s
Other Information
Spawn On certain Classes
First Aid Cabinet
Standard Lockers
Weapon Locker Type 21
Obtainable from 914? True
Deletion % in PD Pocket Dimension Low Tier (50%)
Disarm Immunity? Does having this item equipped make the player immune to being disarmed? Not Immune
Debug Name Medkit
Item ID 14

First Aid Kits are a type of Treatment Item found in SCP: Secret Laboratory.

In Game

The First Aid Kit can be used by pressing Left Click when equipped, the process takes four seconds. It can be cancelled by pressing Right Click during the first half of the animation. First Aid Kits will heal the user by 65 HP and remove the Bleeding Damages the player over time; starts high but gets lower and Burned Increases the damage the player takes Status Effects from the player.





  • Up until MegaPatch 2 (v9.0.0), the First Aid Kit was the only way to recover HP.
  • The old First Aid Kit model before MegaPatch 2 (v9.0.0) was a reused asset from SCP: Containment Breach, and was changed as part of the studio's efforts to make a unique identity for the game and distance from CB.
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