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The First Aid Cabinet is a type of Structure found in SCP: Secret Laboratory.

In Game[edit]

First Aid Cabinets are small, white cases attached to the wall. They can be opened and closed by pressing E.
Each First Aid Cabinet will always contain one First Aid Kit, which the player can use to restore HP.

A second version of the First Aid Cabinet has a blue logo instead of green. These First Aid Cabinets will contain an Adrenaline shot alongside a First Aid Kit.

13 First Aid Cabinets can spawn in a given round, with a minimum of three.
Up to five of these can be the Adrenaline version.

Spawn Locations[edit]

Light Containment Zone[edit]

  • PC Room
    • On the wall to the right of the door. Up to two can spawn.
  • Glass Room
    • On the right wall, opposite the door to the glass chamber.

Heavy Containment Zone[edit]

  • Server Room
    • On the top floor, on the wall near the door or the wall opposite to it. Up to two can spawn here.
  • Nuke Room
    • Down the elevator, near the control panel.
  • Micro HID Armory
    • On either side of the room containing the Micro. Up to two can spawn here.

Entrance Zone[edit]

  • Intercom
    • Outside the door on the corner part of the wall.


An Adrenaline First Aid Cabinet
An Adrenaline First Aid Cabinet
A First Aid Cabinet
An opened First Aid Cabinet


  • The First Aid Cabinet was previously called the Wall-mounted Medkit.