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Bulletproof Locker №7
Bulletproof Locker N7.png
Spawn Light Containment Zone
Heavy Containment Zone

The Bulletproof Locker №7 is a type of Structure found in SCP: Secret Laboratory. Bulletproof Locker №7s are a small locked pedestal that contains an SCP item. They spawn throughout Site-02 in many different rooms in both Light and Heavy Containment Zones.
Each pedestal will have one random SCP item spawn in it at the start of every round. Possible contents include SCP-018, SCP-207, SCP-268 and SCP-500. Only one instance of each SCP-018 and SCP-268 can spawn per round, whereas multiple instances of SCP-207 and SCP-500 can spawn per round.

Bulletproof Locker №7 require a keycard with both Containment Access 2 and Checkpoint Access  Janitor Icon dark.png Guard Icon dark.png ZManager icon dark.png
Scientist Icon dark.png Cadet icon2.png Owner Icon.png
Research Supervisor Icon.png Lieutenant Icon.png Chaos card icon2.png
CEngineer icon.png Commander icon.png O5 icon.png
to open.

Spawn Locations[edit]

Light Containment Zone[edit]

Heavy Containment Zone[edit]