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The Surface Zone (SZ) is one of four zones in Site-02. The zone can be accessed by the elevators located in Entrance Zone. It is the only zone that won't be destroyed by the Alpha Warhead detonation and will remain accessible throughout the game. The Surface Zone is very large and open, with multiple levels and lines of sight.

Surface Zone contains one Workstation and the terminal to activate the Alpha Warhead, both of which are in the same room locked behind a door.
NTF and Chaos spawn in this zone.

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Chaos Insurgency Spawn[edit]

Walkway overlooking CI's spawn
Chaos Car that appears before Chaos respawns

This area contains the Gate A elevator, CI's spawn and the Warhead Activation Room.
Before Chaos spawn in, the Chaos Car will drive through the locked gate down the ramp. The Chaos Car will then make a stop under the raised catwalk. Afterwards Chaos will spawn in and then the Chaos Car leaves. The Chaos Car is able to run players and SCPs over, dealing 99999 damage.
This area is surrounded by a raised catwalk, which can be used to ambush spawning CI or players coming from the Gate B area. The catwalk area is a common area to snipe targets coming from Gate B.

Gate A Elevator[edit]

The Entrance to Gate A

Elevator which leads to the Entrance Zone Gate A, located inside the building above CI's spawn. This area is connected with two entrances. One is a giant opening that leads to the catwalk above Chaos spawn, while the second is a set of stairs that leads down to a small hallway that leads more stairs used to reach the ground level. The hallway is often used as a place to take cover and is safe from snipers on the catwalk.

Warhead Activation Room[edit]

Entrance to the activation room
Inside the activation room
Nuke Access Required
SCP-079 AP Cost: 110 AP
Door Destroyable by: SCP-096

A small room containing the Warhead Activation Console and a Workstation. It is the only place where the warhead can be detonated and can only be accessed with a Keycard that has Nuke Access  Janitor Icon dark.png Guard Icon dark.png ZManager icon dark.png
Scientist Icon dark.png Cadet icon2 dark.png Owner Icon.png
Research Supervisor Icon dark.png Lieutenant Icon dark.png Chaos card icon2 dark.png
CEngineer icon.png Commander icon dark.png O5 icon.png
tier. To activate the warhead the Warhead Control Panel has to be active, otherwise the console will read "Disabled" until the panel is switched on, which it will then read "Ready".

Gate B Elevator[edit]

Tunnel seen from CI's side

Elevator which leads to the Entrance Zone Gate B, closest to the NTF spawn. Located inside the tunnel between CI's and NTF's spawn. The elevator here is on raised ground, making it a great place to avoid SCPs for a short time.

Since there is almost no cover inside the tunnel it is very difficult to pass by unnoticed when walking to or from the elevator. With there being only two hiding places near the gate that connects the Gate A and Gate B side of Surface Zone.

Nine Tailed Fox Spawn[edit]

NTF's spawn area
The helicopter that appears before NTF respawn

Spawn location of NTF operatives, located on the other side of the surface tunnel. Right before Nine Tailed Fox spawn in, a helicopter will appear and land on the ground, afterward NTF will spawn and then the helicopter leaves.

Escape Room[edit]

DoorDestroy2.png Door Destroyable by: SCP-018, Fragmentation Grenades and SCP-096

Entrance to the escape area
Entrance to the escape room

A room near the NTF spawn used to escape the facility. Two doors lead to a walkway which ends with the escape room. In the escape room certain classes can escape and respawn as a higher rank of that faction.

A player can escape if they are either a Class-D or Scientist. Upon escaping, Class-Ds spawn as Chaos Insurgency and Scientists as MTF Scientists.
If a certain config option is turned on for the server, one can use a Disarmer to disarm Class-Ds and Scientist to change the team they become.
A Class-D that escapes while disarmed will become a Nine Tailed Fox Cadet, while a disarmed Scientist escaping will become Chaos.

Entering as any other class will have no effect.

Tutorial Tower[edit]

Inside the tower

Tutorial Tower is a small room located at the top of the tower that is located to the left of the gate that connects Gate A and Gate B. The room can only be accessed via Remote Admin. Tutorials will spawn here. This tower is often used for admin sits as it is out of the way of gameplay. Allowing admins to easily talk to naughty players who think they are funny for breaking server rules.