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Health: 100 Stamina: 20s Jump Power: 4.9
Sneak: 1.6 m/s Walk: 3.9 m/s Sprint: 5.4 m/s
Allies Enemies
Facility Guards

Mobile Task Force

Chaos Insurgents

Class-D Personnel

Other Information
Spawn Location: Light Containment Zone
Class ID: 6
Class Colors: FFFF7C

Scientists are a civilian class that spawn in Light Containment Zone. Their goal is to get to the Surface and escape.

Operational Guides

Class Operational Guide

When a containment breach occurs, most scientists realize that the drills and guidelines for catastrophic disasters are completely irrelevant. Especially when faced with unpredictable anomalies. 

Researchers, engineers, and division specialists — the best that the Foundation has to offer. Members have been picked from across the globe; all adhering to the Foundation’s high standards. Site-02 boasts specialists in almost all branches of science. Specializing in fields like chemistry, theoretical physics, psychology, and dentistry.

They must use their wits, and access cards, to survive the ensuing pandemonium and escape.

“Doctors, researchers, engineers, you name it. The Foundation is made of multiple individuals, each bringing their set of skills and abilities to the fore. Each specially trained in their division, our staff help us stand in the darkness. To fight it, contain it, and shield it from the public eye. So that everyone else can live in a sane and normal world.”
-Dr. Emmaleigh Hugill, Assistant Director of R&D, Site-02

Site-02 Lockdown Procedures — Evacuation

In the event of a Code: White/Gray breach.

- Priority A

Principal MTF deployed to neutralise the threat remains MTF-Iota-4.

In the case of assault of a highly-organized major force; a major containment breach; the deaths and/or disappearances of zone security; and a high possibility for certain destruction of all site assets, all site personnel are advised to utilize on-site resources to proceed with the default evacuation plan. If evacuation shelters are rendered unsafe due to the nature of the threat, site-security will direct personnel accordingly. Surviving personnel are advised to avoid all escaped anomalies.

All personnel are authorized to utilize certain Safe-class SCPs (e.g SCP-914) if they believe that it will increase their chances of survival. If personnel survive, use of any SCP objects during the event will be evaluated by the Ethics Committee. 

MTF teams may require extensive planning before entering the site. Personnel are advised to prepare for a long wait. Involved personnel are to expect the eventual liquidation of their department — timescale unpredictable.


- Priority B

- Priority C

- Priority D

- Priority E

In Game

At the start of a round, Scientists will spawn in a random room in Light Containment Zone. They will spawn with a Scientist Keycard and a First Aid Kit.

Scientists usually have the upper hand compared to Class-Ds due to the Keycard that they spawn with, and their relationship to Foundation Military classes (mainly Facility Guards). However, Class-Ds outnumber Scientists by a roughly 2:1 ratio at the start of a round.

A Scientist's goal is to get to the Surface, and escape, which will respawn them as a Nine-Tailed Fox Specialist. This will also give the MTF three Respawn Tokens.

A Scientist escaping while disarmed will respawn as a Chaos Insurgency Conscript. This also gives the Insurgency four Respawn Tokens (This can be disabled by changing the server setting cuffed_escapee_change_team to false).

Scientists win alongside Foundation forces with a "Foundation Victory" if the amount of Scientist escapes is higher than the amount of D-Class escapes, and all other classes are dead.

Spawn Locations

Image Room Name Room ID Image Room Name Room ID Image Room Name Room ID
LCZ/HCZ Checkpoints EX-A/B LCZ Armory ##00 Glassroom GR18
Water Closet WC00 LCZ Hallway HS## Greenhouse VT00
Airlock AL01/02

Related Achievements

Click to view 7 achievement(s) related to Scientist:

Access Granted
As a Class-D Personnel, kill a Scientist holding a Keycard.

Escape Artist
Be the first player in the round to escape as a civilian class.

For Science!
Escape as a Scientist.

As a Scientist, upgrade your Keycard in SCP-914 along side a Class-D Personnel.

High on the Wings of Caffeine
As a civilian class, escape the facility while under the effects of SCP-207

If you want something done right...
As a Scientist, terminate any SCP.

They Are Just Resources...
As a Scientist, kill a collective total of 50 Class-D Personnel.


  • There are two female Scientists models and another male model not used in the game.
  • In older versions of the game, Scientists used to glisten as if they were covered in glitter. This has since been fixed.
  • The current Scientist model was named "Mr. Janusz" by viewers of a 2017 early game development stream.
    • While originally considered to be the scientist's real name, it is no longer considered canon.
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