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Appearance F1 Menu Art


CATSTATUS.png Health: 100 CATSPRINT.png Walk: 5.4 m/s

CATSPRINT.png Sprint: 7.35 m/s

Allies Enemies
Facility Guards
Nine Tailed Fox
Chaos Insurgents
Other Information
Spawn Location: Light Containment Zone
Class ID = 8
Canon Name: Mr. Janusz

In Game

Scientists are a civilian class that spawn in the Light Containment Zone. Unlike Class-Ds, Scientists spawn with a Scientist Keycard and a First Aid Kit. Scientists will spawn near a random room (such as the Armoury or GR18) or a checkpoint.

In comparison to Class-Ds, Scientists have the upper hand due to the card that they spawn with. Because of this, Scientists typically either search for SCP-914 or a weapon to defend themselves. Scientists are also outnumbered at least 2-1 by D-Class at the start of the game.

Scientists must go to the Surface Zone to escape on the Gate B side. Near where Mobile Task Force respawn is a door that leads to the escape zone. When a Scientist goes down the ramp they will escape and respawn as a Nine Tailed Fox Scientist, dropping any items they had prior to escaping under them. This also provides NTF with one Respawn Ticket.

If the cuffed_escapee_change_team config option is set to 'true' on a server, a Scientist escaping while disarmed will then turn into a Chaos Insurgent. This will give Chaos two Respawn Tickets, effectively giving Chaos three more teammates in that round per disarmed scientist that escapes.

Spawn Locations

Image Room Name Room ID Image Room Name Room ID
CheckpointsLCZ-HCZ.png LCZ/HCZ Checkpoints EX A/B LCZ Armory2.png LCZ Armory ##00
GR Entrance.png Glass Room GR18 Bathroom.png Water Closet WC00


The Scientist's main objective is to escape the facility by any means possible, cooperating with NTF and Facility Guards to make it to the exit.

After escaping and respawning as a MTF Scientist, the objective becomes the same as any other NTF Operative; re-contain all SCPs and terminate all Class-Ds and Chaos Insurgents.

Related Achievements

  • Escaping as Scientist grants the For Science! achievement.
  • Escaping under 3 minutes grants the Escape Artist achievement.
  • Upgrading your card alongside a Class-D grants the Friendship achievement.
  • Killing an SCP as Scientist grants the If you want something done right... achievement.
  • Killing 50 Class-Ds as Scientist grants the They Are Just Resources... achievement.
  • Escaping under the effects of SCP-207 grants the High on the Wings of Caffeine achievement.
  • As a Class-D, killing a Scientist holding a card grants the NANI?! achievement.


  • In older versions of the game, Scientists used to glisten as if they were covered in glitter. This has since been fixed.
  • The Scientist's name is Mr. Janusz.