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Respawn Tickets is a mechanic in SCP: Secret Laboratory that is used to stop Mobile Task Force and Chaos Insurgents from respawning an infinite amount of times in a round.

In Game[edit]

Both Mobile Task Force and Chaos start the game with a base amount of Respawn Tickets. By default, MTF start with 24 Respawn Tickets while Chaos start with 18 tickets. One ticket is consumed equal to the number of people in that spawn wave.
Server Owners can change the gameplay config file to change the amount of tickets the two teams have, or even turn off the system altogether.

The current ratio of tickets affect the spawn chances of Chaos. The more tickets Chaos have, the more likely they will spawn instead of MTF.
The first team to respawn will always be the team with the most tickets, every respawn after wards is pure RNG. Since MTF have the most by default, this means they will spawn first majority of the time. The first time MTF spawn they can only use up to a max of 12 tickets. Despite popular belief, the number of Class-D left alive does not affect Chaos spawn chances, nor does a Class-D reaching Surface force MTF to spawn.

If MTF run out of tickets, they will no longer spawn for the rest of the round and will no longer gain tickets.
If Chaos run out of tickets before MTF, Chaos will stop spawning but can regain tickets to allow them to spawn once more.
Once MTF runs out of tickets, Chaos will spawn for the rest of the round, regardless of their ticket count.

Gaining Tickets[edit]

Throughout the game, doing certain actions will gain a ticket for one of the two teams. Using Remote Admin one can give MTF or Chaos more tickets, or even remove some of their tickets.
Server owners can edit the config to change the amount of tickets the below actions give.

Mobile Task Force[edit]

  • Escorting a disarmed Class-D to escape area; gives 1 ticket by default.
  • Scientist reaching the Surface Zone and escaping; gives 1 ticket by default.
  • SCPs taking a certain percentage of damage gives 1 ticket by default.
    • An SCP dying grants MTF 2 tickets.
    • SCP-049-2 instances and SCP-079 do not grant tickets.
    • By default the damage that needs to be dealt is 25%.
    • Server owners can change how much percentage damage is needed to be done to SCPs to get 1 ticket as NTF.
  • Killing 4 Chaos as MTF, Facility Guard or Scientist will grant the MTF 1 ticket.


  • Class-D reaching the Surface Zone and escaping; gives 1 ticket by default.
  • Escorting a disarmed Scientist to escape area; gives 2 tickets by default.
  • Chaos or Class-D killing a Scientist; gives 1 ticket by default.
  • Class-D or Chaos using an SCP item; gives 1 ticket by default per SCP item.
    • SCP items made in SCP-914 do not grant tickets.
    • SCP-268 only grants a ticket on its first use.
  • Killing 4 MTF as Chaos or Class-D will grant the Chaos 1 ticket.