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Spawning Mechanics are a group of different types of Mechanics in SCP: Secret Laboratory related to the spawing or respawning of players in the given round.

In Game

The game uses two different systems for spawning players. A queue system is used for round start spawning, while Respawn Tokens are used for MTF and Chaos Respawns.

Players who just spawn in will be given Spawn Protection, which prevents them from taking damage for a few seconds upon spawn. A small icon will appear in the screen to show if a player currently has Spawn Protection. This mechanic can be turned off by the owner of a given server.

While not apart of Spawn Protection, players upon spawn will have a short grace peroid where they can sprint without consuming Stamina. This can also be disabled with configs.

Round Start

At the start of the game, players are randomly spawned using the following spawn list: 4014314031441404134044434414. The game goes through the numbers, in order, and assigns a random player to it. The number assigned affects which class the player will spawn as. If the game reaches the end of the list, it will go back to the start.

So, if the round begins with ten players, there would be: two SCPs, three Class-Ds, three Facility Guards and two Scientist in the round. While a 20 player server would have; four SCPs, eight Class-Ds, five Facility Guards and three Scientist.

If the spawn queue tries to spawn more SCPs than normally possible, the game will instead spawn the player as a Facility Guard.

SCP-079 and SCP-096 are unable to spawn together. They also only spawn if at least one other SCP has spawned. The chances of SCP-079 spawning increases the more SCPs there are in a given round.

On the main menu, in the Operational Guides tab, players can set the preferences they have for the in game SCPs. This system can be used by players to lower the chances of them spawning as an SCP they dislike, and increases the chances of spawning as an SCP they like. By default, all sliders are set to 0. The lowest setting is -5, while the highest setting is 5.

The preferences do NOT affect what SCPs spawn in a given round. The game decides what SCPs will spawn in a round first, then it assigns the players to those SCPs based on their preferences.

The longer a player goes without an SCP round, the more likely they are to spawn as an SCP.


Players who have perished will be left in Spectator mode where they can view players that are alive, communicate with other Spectators and edit the attachments of any firearm. The game uses a hidden timer to determine when a respawn will happen. Ranging from 280 seconds to 350 seconds. Afterwards, the game will respawn a group of players as MTF or Chaos.

The game uses what is called Respawn Tokens to decide whatever if MTF or Chaos will spawn. The team with the higher amount of Respawn Tokens will be the ones who respawn. The sum of Respawn Tokens on both sides is ALWAYS 100.571435. For example: If MTF have 75 Respawn Tokens, Chaos will have 25.571435. If MTF have 36.7 Respawn Tokens, Chaos will have 63.871435. The system is similar to the game "Tug of War". Players can perform task to "steal" Respawn Tokens from the other team. For example, if MTF terminate a Chaos Insurgent, MTF will gain 1.5 Tokens while Chaos will lose 1.5 tokens. In the rare event both teams manage to equal 50 tokens each, MTF will respawn.

Upon a team respawning, they will consume one token per player that respawned, these tokens are then given to the other team. So, if seven players respawned as MTF, then the MTF loose seven Respawn Tokens, while the Chaos gain seven Respawn Tokens. Acting as a way to lessen the chances of the same team spawning multiple times in a row.

Upon the Alpha Warhead detonation, the next respawn wave will be forced to a 4 minute cooldown, regardless of their timer before the detonation. This means that if a team is spawning, for example the MTF Helicopter is about to land but the Alpha Warhead detonated, it will simply not spawn the MTF and go back.

Starting Tokens:

  • MTF: 57.714285
  • CI: 42.85715


MTF Helicopter

MTF will respawn on the Gate-B side of Surface Zone. Right before they respawn, the MTF Helicopter will appear and land on the ground. C.A.S.S.I.E. will then announce the arrivial of MTF and the remaining number of SCPs.
MTF gain Respawn Tokens by the following:

  • MTF or a Facility Guard killing a Chaos Insurgent grants 1.5 tokens.
  • A Chaos Insurgent dying from other means will grant 1.2 token.
    • This will increase multiplicatively for each additional respawn wave. (1.2 * # of Respawn Waves [if no respawns, then 1.2 * 1])
  • A Facility Guard killing an armed Class-D grants 0.5 tokens.
    • Armed is defined as having a firearm in their inventory. This includes the Micro H.I.D., but does not include grenades.
  • A Scientist escaping will grant 3 tokens.
  • A cuffed Class-D escaping will grant 3 tokens.
  • Unlocking an Emergency Power Station grants 0.5 tokens.
    • Successfully engaging one grants one token.

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"Mobile Task Force Unit, Epsilon-11, designated, [Military Phonetic Alphabet]-[#], has entered the facility. All remaining personnel are advised to proceed with standard evacuation protocols until an MTF squad reaches your destination. Awaiting re-containment of: [#] SCP subject(s)."

"Mobile Task Force Unit, Epsilon-11, designated, "[Military Phonetic Alphabet]-[#], has entered the facility. All remaining personnel are advised to proceed with standard evacuation protocols, until an MTF squad reaches your destination. Substantial threat to safety remains within the facility -- exercise caution."


Chaos Car

Chaos will respawn on the Gate-A side of Surface Zone. Right before they respawn, the Chaos Car will appear and stop right under the bridge. The Chaos Car will instakill any player it runs over. C.A.S.S.I.E. will not announce the arrival of Chaos. Though, Class-D and other Chaos will hear an audio cue when the respawn happens.
Chaos gain Respawn Tokens by the following:

  • A Class-D killing MTF or a Facility Guard grants 2 tokens.
  • A Class-D or Chaos Insurgent killing a Scientist grants 1.4 tokens.
  • A Chaos Insurgent killing MTF or a Facility Guard grants 1.5 tokens.
  • A MTF or Facility Guard dying from other means will grant 1.2 token.
    • This will increase for each additional respawn wave. (1.2 * # of Respawn Waves [if no respawns, then 1.2 * 1])
  • A Class-D escaping will grant 4 tokens.
  • A cuffed Scientist escaping will grant 4 tokens.

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Many ways of gaining tokens can be performed by both teams.

  • An uncuffed civilian earns their team 0.1, 0.15, and 0.2 tokens when they reach Heavy Containment Zone, Entrance Zone, or Surface Zone respectively for the first time. Cuffed civilians give tokens to the opposing team. The player must be in that zone for at least ten seconds for the tokens to be awarded.
  • Tokens are granted for the loss of both HP and Hume Shield for SCPs to the respective team. If an SCP were to lose health or die from other means, such as a Tesla Gate, the tokens are given to MTF. Each unit lost of HP or HS will grant an extremely tiny amount of tokens.
    • Depleting 10% of an SCP's Health grants 0.4 tokens.
      • In total, four tokens are gained from health depletion alone.
    • Dealing 200 Hume Shield damage gives 0.1 tokens.
    • Terminating or recontaining an SCP grants 3 tokens.
      • An additional 1.5 tokens are given if performed with the Micro H.I.D.
      • The three tokens are considered a separate reward from the health depletion rewards. Both will be awarded at the same time, effectively giving seven tokens in total per SCP. (Not factoring in Hume Shield or Micro H.I.D. bonus)
    • Tutorial Class killing an SCP will default to giving the tokens to MTF.
    • SCP-049-2 instances do not grant any tokens.
  • Picking up certain items will grant a small amount of tokens.
    • The Micro H.I.D. will grant one token to the team that first picks it up.
    • Civilians earn 0.4 tokens by picking up a firearm, but will lose it if they drop the firearm, this includes on death.
      • This will stack with the 0.5 tokens gained when a Facility Guard kills an armed Class-D.
  • Using SCP items will grant tokens as well.
    • SCP items with only one instance (SCP-018, SCP-268) will grant one token.
    • SCP items with multiple instances (SCP-207, SCP-244, SCP-1853, SCP-2176) grant 0.7 tokens.
      • SCP-244 and SCP-268 only give tokens for the first time they are used in the round.
        • This is tied to the round itself, so additional instances created with Remote Admin will not bypass this limit. (Both SCP Items can't be created in SCP-914).
        • SCP-244-A and SCP-244-B count as separate instances from each other. Allowing both of them to give out tokens.
    • SCP-500 grants 0.4 tokens.
    • Candies from SCP-330 grant 0.1 tokens each.
  • Unlocking the Alpha Warhead grants 1 token.
    • Detonating it gives 6 tokens to the team that activated it, unless the detonation kills civilians on the same team.


  • The former name for Respawn Tokens was Respawn Tickets.
  • Due to how Respawn Tokens functions, using the admin exclusive Pink Candy may result in a net loss of tokens depending on the situation and the user.
    • This is most noticable with MTF, Chaos and Facility Guards using Pink Candy, as the token penalty for death increases per respawn wave.
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