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Basic Information
Description An ancient vase, freezing to the touch.
Creates a large cloud of icy fog when placed.
Type Placeable (Environmental)
Usage Environmental Hazard
Spawn Bulletproof Locker №7
Heavy Containment Zone
Number of Spawns 1
Weight Affects item pick-up time, window breaking and throw distance SCP-244-A = 3.9kg
SCP-244-B = 3.4kg
Usage Time 2.14s
Pick-Up Time SCP-244-A = 0.93s
SCP-244-B = 0.84s
SCP-244-A (Active) = 2.71s
SCP-244-B (Active) = 2.59s
Obtainable from 914? False
Deletion % in PD Pocket Dimension High Tier (0%)
Disarm Immunity? Does having this item equipped make the player immune to being disarmed? Immune
Applied Effects Hypothermia Player's vision is reduced and inaccuracy is increase.
Drains SCP's Hume Shield.
Humans take damage over time.
Other Information
Article Link SCP Article
Debug Name SCP244a
Item ID 44 = SCP-244-A
45 = SCP-244-B

SCP-244 is an SCP Item found in SCP Secret Laboratory. SCP-244 acts as a portable environmental hazard that can be utilized by the player.

Operational Guide

A pair of earthenware jars of Tunisian origin; skillfully handcrafted by masters of pottery. The motifs that cover them are imbued with generations of rich culture. The warmth of that far land almost reaches out to you.

Yet, it feels cold here.

"We found a second one last week, no clue what it was doing at an Insurgency base. Site command has ordered that it be contained separately from the other instance. Lord knows why. I also don’t know why we still use D-Class to carry them, it’s only a matter of time before someone drops the thing.”
-Dr. Peter Stoner, Junior Researcher, Site-02

In Game

In game, there are two instances of SCP-244 that can spawn: SCP-244-A and SCP-244-B.
The main difference between the two are their models and spawn mechanics.

SCP-244-A can be found in a Bulletproof Locker №7 located around the map, which require a Keycard with both Containment Access 2 and Checkpoint Access 

Containment Access 2 Checkpoint Access
to open. Only one instance of SCP-244-A will spawn per game.

SCP-244-B has a 35% chance to spawn in a random room in Heavy Containment Zone, making it the only naturally spawning SCP Item in game that is not guaranteed to appear in a round. Unlike SCP-244-A, SCP-244-B will spawn fully activated, acting as a small environmental hazard. The item will never spawn in SCP-939's Containment Area.

While equipped, SCP-244 can be activated by pressing Left Click. When activated, SCP-244 will produce an AoE frost effect that can be seen as a blue smoke effect. The fog will cover a large portion of the room, but cannot pass through walls or closed doors.
SCP-244 will also activate upon being knocked over. This can happen by it either being thrown, dropped on an uneven surface, or if hit by an item while laying on the ground.

When a player enters the fog, their Hypothermia levels will quickly increase from 0% to 100%. The debuffs applied to the player become more intense as Hypothermia levels reach 100%.

The following debuffs are applied while under Hypothermia. Values shown are when Hypothermia reaches level 100%. Most debuffs are applied at 0% and slowly increase as Hypothermia reaches 100%.

  • Various weapon stats are affected.
    • Overall recoil is increased by 20%.
    • Hip Fire and ADS Fire inaccuracy increased by 20%.
    • Weapon draw speed is decreased by 20%.
    • Reload speed is decreased by 20%.
    • ADS In and Out speed is decreased by 20%.
    • Hip Fire Inaccuracy and ADS Inaccuracy increased by 200%.
  • The player's movement speed is decreased by 10%.
  • The time to pick up items is increased by 30%, then an additional 1.5s are added on top of that.
  • The player's health quickly decays. This debuff only applies when Hypothermia reaches 100%.
    • The decay rate is dependent on how long the player stays in the fog.

The Rainbow Taste Status Effect will weaken the effects of SCP-244, while the Vitality Status Effect grants full immunity. The effects of SCP-244 are stackable if both instances of SCP-244 are used nearby each other.

SCPs under the effect of SCP-244 will no longer regenerate Hume Shield (shown by a red bar appearing on the Hume Shield bar). After five seconds of exposure, their Hume Shield will begin to decay at a rate of 10 HS/s (this drain is increased to 20 HS/s if under the effects of two SCP-244 instances). Their vision (apart from SCP-939) will also be greatly reduced while in the fog.
Once Hume Shield is depleted, SCP-244 will start draining the SCP's normal health at the same rate as humans.

Each SCP, besides SCP-079, will receive additional effects while in the fog of SCP-244 besides Hume Shield Drain. The following effects are not stackable.

  • SCP-049 - Increased attack cooldown by 50%. Revive time increased by 50%.
  • SCP-049-2 - Increased attack cooldown by 50%.
  • SCP-096 - Can't be triggered by looking at their face. Attacks are slower by 50%.
  • SCP-106 - Increased attack cooldown by 50%.
  • SCP-173 - Tantrum Puddles near the fog will disappear faster. This stacks with each additional SCP-244 instances. With each instance adding their own multiplier to the decay speed based on the distance the puddle is from them.
  • SCP-939 - Increased attack cooldown by 50%.

SCP-244 has 80 HP and can be damaged by using any explosive such as the High-Explosive Grenade or the blast from the 3-X Particle Disruptor. Any instances of SCP-244 inside the facility will be destroyed by the Alpha Warhead.

SCP-244 ignores Friendly Fire rules.

Related Achievements

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Property of the Chaos Insurgency
As a Class-D Personnel, escape with two or more SCP items in your inventory.


Equiping and deploying SCP-244



  • SCP-244 was first added as a temporary SCP in the X-Mas 2021 Event, where it was removed from normal gameplay after the event ended.
    • It was later readded in the 11.2 update.
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