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ATTENTION! This article's topic contains information about the Anniversary-Christmas 2022 Event. SCP-956 was removed from the game after the event ended.
This page only exist for trivia purposes now.

Basic Information
Type SCP Object
Spawn Appears randomly
Applied Effects SCP-956 Locks all player movement.
Forces the camera to lock on SCP-956.
Other Information
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SCP-956 is an Event SCP introduced in the Anniversary-Christmas 2022 update. It acts as an environmental hazard to players who are a child or have candy.

Operational Guide

The life of a piñata is a sad one. An item lovingly crafted, with the sole purpose of being destroyed later. To be ripped apart by children with no appreciation for art, with no understanding of sacrifice.

Perhaps some payback was long overdue.

“In all of my years of working for the Foundation, I have never seen such an incompetent decision made. Who authorized this? You were all well aware that we were currently experimenting with SCP-559. That means children on-site. And yet, you have brought in an anomaly with no other function than to maim and disfigure children. Was there Insurgency interference? Does somebody have a sick sense of humor? I will ensure someone is reprimanded for this.”
-Dr. Haref Portmuck, Senior Researcher, Site-02

In Game

SCP-956 will spawn in a zone that currently has a player who is under the effects of SCP-559 or has pieces of candy in their inventory. If no such player exists, SCP-956 will not spawn. The amount of players under the effects of SCP-559 increases the chances SCP-956 will spawn in that zone. Players holding candy do not affect this spawn chance. SCP-956 will never spawn on the Surface Zone.

Any child who enters a five meter radius (the "danger zone") surrounding SCP-956 will hear a rising tone that slowly increases in volume. If they do not leave the radius in 2.5 seconds, SCP-956 will freeze all children in the "danger zone", while also preventing said players from using items or turning their cameras. Frozen players become intangible, they can no longer be killed by other means, though they can still communicate with their mic. The player's camera will forcefully start to pan towards SCP-956. Any player with candy in their inventory will under go the same process, but have 20 seconds to leave the radius instead of 2.5 seconds.
After a few seconds, SCP-956 will then ram into the player, killing them instantly. Players killed by SCP-956 will explode into 20 pieces of random SCP-330 candy. 90% of the time, it is completely random what each candy is, with equal chances for every type of candy, including pink. The other 10% of the time, all 20 pieces of candies will just be the Pink Candy.

Every 60 seconds, SCP-956 will teleport away if no players are inside its danger zone and SCP-956 isn't being looked at. If SCP-956 fails at teleporting away, it will attempt to do so again every 20 seconds.

The Chaos Car and Death Pits in Heavy Containment Zone will bypass the damage immunity given to players frozen by SCP-956.



  • Before the Anniversary-Christmas 2022 Rebalance Patch, SCP-956 took 3.5 seconds to target children.
  • After the Rebalance Patch, SCP-956's model had a 1 in 256 chance to become a capybara.
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