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ATTENTION! This article's topic contains information about the Halloween 2020 Event. SCP-330 was removed from the game after the event ended.
This page only exist for trivia purposes now.

Type SCP Object
Usage Gives the player pieces
of candy.
Taking more than 2
will kill the player.
Spawn Light Containment Zone
Applied Effects Varies
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Spawn ID

In game[edit]

SCP-330 was an Event SCP that spawned in Light Containment Zone, in SCP-330's containment chamber. When interacted with E, the player would pick up one piece. If interacted again they would pick up a 2nd piece. Grabbing more than two pieces would remove the player's hands and kill them. Each candy had a different effect.

SCP-330 was removed after the Halloween 2020 event ended.

Candy Effects[edit]

Depending on which candy, the player consumes, the effect would be different.

Icon Description Effect
Purple candy.png
"It has a juicy grape smell" Gives the player 25 AHP
Orange candy.png
"This one has an overpowering smell of cherry" Heals the player by 35 HP
Blue candy.png
"It smells soft and sweet, something akin to cotton candy" Restores 50% of stamina
Green candy.png
"A nasty herbal smell emits from the candy" Gives the Invigorated Effect for 10 seconds
Yellow candy.png
"The overwhelming aroma of lemon makes you cringe a little" HP Regen; Starts fast and decays over time
Pink candy.png
"The strawberry scent is as gentle as it looks" KABOOM!
Max 200 damage to humans.
Max 20% damage to SCPs; 600 damage to SCP-049-2