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Release Date 23 Oct 2020
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v10.0.4 v10.0.6
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Halloween 2020[edit]

We're introducing some temporary cosmetic and gameplay changes to celebrate the season. It's almost Halloween, and you know what that means! As the end of October draws closer, it's time for the facility to get a little scarier. This year, we've prepared a temporary update for you, featuring reskins, new decorations, gameplay changes, and more.

Halloween Decorations[edit]

These have been active since the beginning of October. During the month of October, the facility will have a spine-chilling flair, including darkened lighting, pumpkins, candles, and other season-appropriate decorations.

These decorations were implemented automatically — which is why you were able to see them before this update — but they’ve received some extra adjustments here. Keep an eye out later this year, too: Halloween isn't the only time of year decorations will appear in the facility.

Note: We're working on an option that would allow server owners to disable recurring decorations. This already partially exists as a configuration option, but it's not fully functional. For the time being, we hope it isn’t too intrusive!

Skin and Audio Changes[edit]

Back in 2018, the Halloween update included changes to the in-game models of SCPs and several human classes. In 2019, Megapatch II may have taken the spotlight, but this year we've once again re-done some models for the holiday season. Most of them are brand new, but you may recognize some making a return.

We've also made some changes to several of the game’s audio assets. Players can expect to hear different sounds when they enter a round, and sound cues where there previously were none — keep your eyes and ears open!



This was by far the most requested change for the Halloween update. For this event only, you can find SCP-330, Take Only Two, somewhere in the facility. It's a bowl of wrapped, seasonal candies, and every one of them that you eat could help or hinder you in a different way.

Take no more than two, please.

For the time being, SCP-330 will remain unique to the 2020 Halloween event. Depending on future feedback, especially impact on gameplay, re-implementation and recurrence could be discussed internally. In the meantime, treat it like an interesting side feature for the holiday!


Status Update - Version 10.1[edit]

While making changes for the Halloween update this year, we continued working on and refining version 10.1, which will include SCP-096's rebalance and a plethora of fixes. We're currently planning to release this version very soon after the end of the Halloween event (ideally within a day), but this may change depending on testing results. Until then, enjoy the spooky changes we’ve prepared for Halloween!

We based this update on version 10.0.4. Many changes that are in version 10.1 won't be visible here. This doesn’t indicate that the changes don’t exist, but rather that the Halloween update is built on a version that we know is stable.

Miscellaneous Notes[edit]

  • Re-enabled the Halloween achievement, which is awarded at the end of the round
  • Fixed some lights not correctly being disabled during October
  • Disposed of a body in the vents


Translators - don’t try and localize this unless you’re confident you can keep the flow. Instead, localize the version at the bottom.

"The game isn't scary," we hear people say
"It just isn't dark; all the rooms are so bright"
But we heard your complaints, so starting today
We've made the game spooky, to fill you with fright

You've seen some already, they litter the halls
Candles and pumpkins and flickering lights
Now we've made them darker, and dirtied the walls
And packed the facility with fearsome sights

So many people in costumes, looking for treats
And for this next little thing, we think you'll be fans
A bowl packed with candy, filled with sugary sweets
But don't take too many, or you might lose your hands

Now fear the darkness, close up your door
Because the monsters inside all have costumes now, too
From doctor to statue to doggos and more
Cross your fingers, and pray they don’t find you

But you've been reading enough, it's now time to go
So flick off the lights and turn on fullscreen
It's the update for October, and we want you to know
That we wish you a happy and healthy Halloween.