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Subsection-03 of Site-02, also known as the Light Containment and Testing Zone, or simply Light Containment Zone, is one of four zones found in SCP: Secret Laboratory. The zone is also called Grayhall by the staff of Site-02.

Operational Guide Overview

The Light Containment and Testing Zone, colloquially known by Site Staff as the ‘Grayhall’, houses multiple testing facilities and containment cells for a number of Euclid and Safe-Anomalous objects. 

The Zone houses the majority of the D-Class stocks contained within numerous individual confinement cells and personnel offices. 
Medical testing, screening, and Site operations are also conducted here on both staff and D-Class Personnel.

“Fifteen, Twenty-two, Forty-five, Six-dash-three…hell, even Area Fourteen. More and more hits are happening and we sit here doing nothing. For what, exactly? So we know why 096 screams the way it does? So we understand why 173 shits? Shouldn't we be using what we know to fight back? To develop some kind of weapon that works? ... I wonder what the O5 think.”
-Charles H. Goodwin, Analyst, Site-02


Light Containment Zone (LCZ) is one of the four zones in Site-02.
It is the spawn location of Class-Ds and Scientists, as well as being the location of SCP-914 and SCP-330.

Light Containment Zone is also the only zone that is affected by the Decontamination Process, a process which kills anything within the zone 11 minutes and 45 seconds after the round has started. This forces players to move down to Heavy Containment Zone, and prevents players from camping and stalling a round.

There are a few important rooms that contain supplies for players to aid their journey through the Heavy Containment Zone. A helpful navigation aid is the signs above doors, which primarily informs players of the type of room that lies beyond. Certain rooms will have fixed designations (see next section), whilst others will be pseudo-random.

Despite popular belief, Light Containment Zone is above Heavy Containment Zone and not below it.

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Room ID Codes

Unique to Light Containment Zone are "Room ID Codes" that reperesent what room is behind a door. These symbols are found above every door in LCZ and allow players to easily identify what room is behind the door.

Room ID Codes
Icon Description
Straight Hallway; the number is unique to each Straight Hallway.
Corner Hallway; the number is unique to each Corner Hallway.
3-Way Intersection; the number is unique to each 3-Way Intersection.
4-Way Intersection; the number is unique to each 4-Way Intersection.
Class-D Cells (End Room)
Testing Chamber 01 (End Room)
Airlock Hallway, the number is unique to each Airlock.
Garden Chamber/Greenhouse (Hallway)
LCZ Armory (End Room)
Water Closet (Hallway)
SCP-173's Containment Chamber (End Room)
SCP-914's Containment Chamber (End Room)
Office (End Room)
LCZ/HCZ Checkpoint (End Room); Code will be displayed as EX-B for Elevator Systems B.

Legacy Room ID Codes
Icon Description
SCP-012's Containment Chamber (End Room); removed along side SCP-012's room in v11.1.0. SCP-012's chamber was removed due to being a CB Asset and got replaced with TC01.
SCP-330's Containment Chamber (End Room); replaced the #012 ID Texture for the Halloween 2020 Event. The room was still that of SCP-012's chamber.
Giant Ventilation Room (Hallway); replaced with VT00 when the Greenhouse replaced the room in v7.0.0. The Giant Ventilation room was removed due to being a CB Asset.
Placeholder symbol; added in v4.0.0 and removed in v6.0.0. The Room ID was always LC2 and had no meaning.

Unique Rooms

Unique rooms are rooms that spawn only once (with the exception of airlocks and the checkpoints), and can contain valuable items, or can be used as hiding spots. These rooms have fixed designations:

Class-D Cells - CD01

Overview of the room
Inside a cell
The back of the cells
The SCP-049 Contest Art made by Moranatol
The SCP-106 Contest Art made by Purplegoop

The Class-D Cells are the spawn location of all Class-Ds. The room is a long hallway with multiple cell doors that run along the central walls of the room.
Behind each cell door is a small room containing a small single bed and a table. 1-3 Class-Ds will randomly spawn among these small cells.
No items will spawn here, and the room has no importance besides being the spawn location of Class-Ds.
The back of this room contains two pieces of artwork made by winners of an art contest for SCP:SL. These artworks do not appear when the Halloween and Xmas props are spawned in.

Water Closet - WC00

Overview of the room
Men's side.
Woman's side

The Water Closet is a hallway that contains a male and female bathroom (which can contain loot). This is also a Scientist spawn location.
The Water Closet contains 3 toilets and 2 sinks in both the male and female restrooms.
In the male and female bathrooms, there is the possibility of finding up to two keycards and/or the COM-15.
A First Aid Cabinet will sometimes spawn outside the bathroom door along the wall.
The bathrooms can be used as a hiding place from SCPs, but may not be as effective against humans who may be checking the room for loot.

Possible Spawns:

Garden Chamber - VT00

Overview of the room
The side room with a Standard Locker

The Garden Chamber, also known as the Greenhouse Room, contains a greenhouse area with several plants sectioned off from the playable area with large glass windows. The room acts as a straight hallway variant.

Players can access the plants by smashing the window, although the plants cannot be interacted with. It is possible for a Janitor Keycard or Scientist Keycard to spawn on the ground nearby these plants, or even a Bulletproof Locker №7.

On the wall opposite the plants is a door that leads to a small room which either has a First Aid Cabinet, a Standard Locker, a Bulletproof Locker №7, a Workstation or nothing.

The room acts as one of the possible spawn points as a Scientist.

Interestingly, the room's code, 'VT00', does not match with the room name. Both Greenhouse and Garden Chamber have officially been used when referring to this room.

Possible Spawns

Office - PC15

Overview of the room

The Office is a medium sized room that has an orderly arrangement of desks with computer monitors, phones, and other utensils.
A single Scientist Keycard always spawn in this room on a random desk. Left to the entrance of the room, along the same wall is a possible spawn location for a Standard Locker.

The right wall of the spawn has two possible spawn locations for First Aid Cabinets.

Guaranteed Spawns:

Possible Spawns:

Glass Room - GR18

Overview of the room
Inside the glass box

The Glass Room also known as GR18 is a medium sized testing chamber found in Light Containment Zone, that contains a large glass chamber and several shelves. Despite the entrance of the room being a gate, it does not require a Keycard to open. Inside the room is a large chamber with breakable glass. A COM-15 will sometimes spawn inside the chamber. The right wall of the room has a chance for a First Aid Cabinet, Standard Locker, or Workstation to spawn. Further along this wall is a shelf that may contain a Keycard. There is also a small chance for the COM-15 to instead spawn on this shelf instead of instead the glass chamber.

The room acts as one of the possible spawn points as a Scientist. Possible Spawns:

LCZ Armory - ##00

Overview of the room
Armory Access Tier 1 Required
SCP-079 AP Cost: 50 AP
Door can be destroyed with explosives, SCP-018 and SCP-096
The LCZ Armory is a medium sized room containing two Workstations and multiple guns, grenades and ammo. The room requires Armory Access 1 

Armory Access 1
to open it.

The large amount of loot in this room makes it a great spot for civilian classes to quickly stock up on weapons to arm themselves.
The room acts as one of the possible spawn points as a Scientist, spawning outside the armory. The room contains a variety of weapons and ammunition to choose from.
Guaranteed Spawns:

Heavy Containment Zone Checkpoints - EX-A/EX-B

Overview of the room
The elevators leading down to Heavy Containment Zone
Checkpoint Access Required
SCP-079 AP Cost: 10 AP
Door can only be destroyed with Remote Admin

The Heavy Containment Zone Checkpoints are the gateways to and from Heavy Containment Zone. There are two checkpoints found within the LCZ.

Each checkpoint contains two doorways that will both open once a Keycard with Checkpoint Access 

Checkpoint Access
is used.

The checkpoints lead to a pair of lifts denoted under either Lift A or Lift B (depending on the checkpoint), which lead down to the HCZ. There are also screens at either checkpoint displaying the remaining time until Decontamination.

When there are 30 seconds left before Decontamination occurs, all checkpoint doors will be permanently opened and cannot be shut.

The room acts as one of the possible spawn points as a Scientist, spawning on the LCZ side of the checkpoints.
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Possible Spawns:

Test Chamber 1 - TC01

Overview of the room
The control room with a Bulletproof Locker №7 visible in the corner.
The side room with SCP-330
Containment Access Tier 2 Required
SCP-079 AP Cost: 40 AP
Door can be destroyed with explosives, SCP-018 and SCP-096
Test Chamber 1 is a small room with two doors that lead to smaller rooms. One doors leads to the control room, and requires a keycard with Containment Access 2 

Containment Access 2
to open.

The room acts as a small testing room for Site-02 staff to perform experiments; it is currently being used to test SCP-330.

The door on the left leads to the control room. It contains a guaranteed spawn for a Zone Manager Keycard and Combat Armor. The first of which spawns on top of an interactable document of SCP-330 Test Logs. These logs detail events that took place at an unknown year. Inside the nearby coffee mug is a guaranteed spawn for a Coin.
The control room has a computer that will unlock the other door in the chamber when interacted with. This door leads to SCP-330, where players can grab candy from the bowl. It is possible to lock the chamber door and trap players inside the room.
Both rooms are connected to each other by a breakable window that has high HP.

A QR Code can be found under the phone on the desk in the Control Room. It can only be viewable via noclip. Guaranteed Spawns:

Possible Spawns:

SCP-173's Containment Chamber - PT00

The top of the stairs
The side room.
Overview of the room
Inside the containment chamber

SCP-173's Containment Chamber is a two-story room that houses a containment chamber, erroneously stated to be for SCP-173.

On the bottom of the floor is a staircase. When climbing up the staircase, a side room can be found and a door which leads to chamber exterior.
In the preceding room before the containment chamber, there is an inaccessible door to the right and a balcony to the left with an inaccessible control room on the upper level. There is also a gate alongside the wall which leads to the containment chamber.
The chamber itself can be used as a hiding place from any threats.

In the side room next to the stairs, there is a chance that a COM-15 will spawn on the desk.

Possible Spawns:

SCP-914's Containment Chamber - #914

Overview of the room
Containment Access Tier 1 Required
SCP-079 AP Cost: 50 AP
Door can't be destroyed by any means (Containment Gate)

SCP-914's Containment Chamber is a medium sized room that contains SCP-914.

To enter SCP-914's containment chamber, the player must first open a gate. The gate requires a keycard with Containment Access 1 

Containment Access 1
to open.

SCP-914 is the most important room in Light Containment Zone, as it is used to upgrade items.
Due to this, it is a popular place for SCPs to target, making it a dangerous place to be in at the start of the round.

Possible Spawns:

Airlock - ALXX

Overview of the room
The side area with a Bulletproof Locker №7 present.

Door can be destroyed with explosives, SCP-018 and SCP-096

The Airlock is a small, red-lit room with two doors on each side and a small dark side-room. Multiple airlocks can generate in a given round. They will generate in place of Straight Hallways.

When a player opens one of the inner doors, the door on the opposite side will close. This makes Airlocks a great place to slow people down during a chase.

A Bulletproof Locker №7 can sometimes spawn in the smaller side-room. It can also be used for hiding.

The room acts as one of the possible spawn points as a Scientist.

Possible Spawns:



X-Intersection with the Sinkhole present.

In the X-Intersection, A Sinkhole can sometimes spawn in the room. By default this is turned off, however server owners can change the config to allow for a percentage chance of sinkholes spawning.
If a sinkhole is present, players who walk through it (that aren't SCPs) will be slowed down. Unlike in Containment Breach, sinkholes will not teleport the player to the Pocket Dimension; this is intentional.

Impossible Rooms

Impossible VT00

Impossible Rooms are rooms to do not naturally generate under normal ingame conditions despite existing as apart of the generation code. The Impossible VT00 is that of an older version of the room. In version 8.0.0, the update that re-added SCP-079, VT00 stopped generating for unknown reasons. Despite this, the room was still updated to support SCP-079.

Map Layouts

There are five possible map layouts of Light Containment Zone. Special Rooms are randomized in these layouts.
The Class-D Cells always spawns in the same exact spot for all five layouts, which can allow Class-Ds to figure out the layout early in the game.

  • Mooshua - SL Layout Creator Tool.

Related Achievements

Click to view 1 achievement(s) related to Light Containment Zone:

As a Scientist, upgrade your Keycard in SCP-914 along side a Class-D Personnel.


  • Light Containment Zone used to have SCP-012's Containment Chamber. The chamber itself was a SCP: Containment Breach asset, and was replaced with Test Chamber 1 in the 11.1.0 update.
  • The announcement in-game says that the LCZ decontamination process occurs in 15 minutes, while the actual time is 11 minutes and 45 seconds. This was intentionally added to apply pressure to the players.
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