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MTF-E11-SR Rack
E11-SR Rack.png
Spawn SCP-049's Armory
Warhead Silo Armory
SCP-079's Side Room

The MTF-E11-SR Rack is a type of Structure found in SCP: Secret Laboratory.

In Game[edit]

MTF-E11-SR Racks are wide wall-mounted lockers that each contain one MTF-E11-SR, 5.56x45mm magazines, and 2 High-Explosive Grenades. Racks require a keycard with Armory Access 2 

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Armory Access 2
to open and close.



Three MTF-E11-SR Racks will spawn every game:



  • Coins will spawn on top of one of the two MTF-E11-SR Racks in SCP-079's Side Room.