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Release Date 3 Jul 2018
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v6.2.0 v7.1.0
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  • Engine update - we’re now on version 2018.1.5 and as such, the game should contain fewer engine-related bugs and other issues.
  • On-screen hit indicators - Your screen will be covered in blood depending on your health and the direction from which you're being shot.

Update 700 1.png

  • Workstations - Weapon Manager Tablet no longer has the ability to adjust your weapon attachments. Instead of that, there are many workstations in the Facility. However, you still need a WM-Tablet in order to make them operational.

Update 700 2.png

  • More weapon attachments - suppressor for MP7 and ammo counters are now available. Ammo counters are attachable displays that show how much ammo you have.
  • Ability to drop ammo using the Weapon Manager Tablet - you can specify the type of ammo and the quantity.
  • New room in Light Containment Zone - added a Garden Chamber. It's a greenhouse-hallway with some plants around.

Update 700 3.png

Update 700 4.png

  • Voicechat stability improvements! - Some issues with the microphone can still occur, but voice chat is not crashing in the middle of the round.
  • SCP-939 added - currently there are two variations of the model. I don't want to say too much about them. I want you to find out yourself how they work. I can advise you to be quiet when you see them.

Update 700 5.png

  • SCP-106 visual rework! - the previous model was... not good enough. What do you think about the new one?

Update 700 6.png

  • Grenades rework - added a Fragmentation Grenade, which replaces the Positron grenade. We're also working on a flash grenade.

Update 700 7.png

  • Tesla Gates are back - we know you love them as much as we do!