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Release Date 27 May 2018
Version chronology
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v5.1.1 v6.0.1
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Major features[edit]

  • Light Containment Zone hallways overhaul - each room and hallway now has its own ID tag that helps with navigating. Take a look on these screenshots:

Update 600 1.png

Update 600 2.png

  • Post-processing effects changes - game should look nicer now.
  • Weapon System major overhaul - all fusion/plasma/laser/sci-fi weapons have been replaced with modern, realistic ones. We also added a tablet called "Weapon Manager" that allows you to customize your stuff. Check out this video:

Update 600 3.png

  • Facility Guard - a new player class. Facility Guards spawn in the Entrance Zone and replace the first wave of Nine-Tailed Fox. They are weak armed forces. In theory they should reduce the problem where SCPs and MTFs are getting into the LCZ killing D-bois too fast. Guards should meet SCPs in the middle of the way and give people in LCZ additional time.

Update 600 4.png

  • Fast Menu Mode - nothing to explain! Loads faster, works faster, round-restarts faster - it is just faster!

Update 600 5.png

Bugfixes, security and other internal technical features[edit]

  • Remote Admin security improvements - now you can assign SteamIDs instead of passwords.
  • Changed the config style, now it is corresponding with YAML standard.
  • Reduced T-posing
  • Anti-Cheat improvements: flying, teleporting and no-clipping is now impossible in most cases.
  • SCP-173 fixes.