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Release Date 19 Nov 2020
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A new hotfix is available! 10.1.2 focuses on many aspects of the game ﹘ dealing with bug fixes, some tweaks to 096, and additional changes.

Some of the things we’ve been working on are:

SCP-096 was the highlight of the Scopophobia update, as you well know, but there is always room for improvement. In 10.1.2 we focused on improving the playability of 096. This has been done by working on the accuracy, vision code and several other tweaks made to SCP-096.

Further fixes have been made to gameplay, including doors no longer being stuck closed, and items won’t get stuck in elevator railings anymore. Grenade chaining, and MicroHID are also no longer excluded from the friendly-fire config. We’ve even gone as far as correcting the respective typo. Along with these fixes and alterations, you will find some new additions to the game. Servers can now modify the range in which the player information box appears through a simple config option. The light intensity in rooms can be altered as well, making it possible to enable, or disable flickering lights.

All this has been done with the hope to improve your experience of the game and to make it just that little bit more fun for everyone.


Player Information Popup[edit]

Added the ability for the server to modify the range in which the player information box appears to the client. This is done by the config option
player_info_range: float



  • The maximum string length available via SyncVars has been increased to 80kb from 32kb.


  • Reduced the amount of allocations per frame by adding a memory cleaner (GC is being run after each scene loading).


  • SCP-096's hit registration will now last longer server-side.
  • SCP-096 attacking hitbox has been adjusted to be more accurate with regards to which hand is being used to attack.
  • SCP-096's vision code has been reworked to be more accurate, triggering just before his face comes into view.


  • SCP-500's icon now looks more like a pill.



  • Fixed grenade chaining and MicroHID being excluded from friendly fire config (it was possible to teamkill this way regardless of the config value).
  • Typo fix (Your don't have any badge. -> You don't have a badge.)
  • SCP-096 will now receive extra time for targets during windup.
  • SCP-096 will now receive extra time for any additional targets, following the first kill.
  • SCP-096 will no longer be enraged in dark rooms, unless the player has equipped a flashlight.
  • SCP-096 will be triggered once a player looks at his face.
  • SCP-096 Idle and dying animation should now loop properly.
  • SCP-939's screen will no longer flash when it bites people.
  • SCP-939's bite will no longer lock up when attacking.
  • SCP-939's screen will no longer flicker when motion blur is enabled.
  • If Motion Blur is enabled, it should now disable under 30 frames and enable above 50.
  • Doors should no longer be stuck closed.
  • Items should no longer get stuck in elevator railings.
  • Logicer casings now come out rotated correctly.


  • Fly and Noclip Anti-Cheat have been fixed.
  • Startup and silent crashes have been fixed.
  • Added an SCP:SL banner that shows when you start the game.


  • "... You Thinking What I'm Thinking?" is now working.
  • "Overpowered!" now properly triggers when you pick up the O5 card.
  • "Pew Pew!" now triggers when you kill 5 people in less than 30 seconds instead of 6 in less than 30 seconds.

API Changes[edit]

  • Pocket Dimension now includes a RoomInformation component.
  • Added FlickerableLightController.ServerSetLightIntensity(float intensityMultiplier) to change a room's light intensity.
  • FlickerableLight.EnableFlickering(float dur) can now be invoked before light flickering ends.