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Release Date 17 Dec 2018
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After a long wait, we are glad to announce part 1 of the Megapatch is ready to be launched! The patch will be released within 24 hours since now! (we're targeting 10:00-12:00am PST). The final release date will be announced on our Discord server.

Find out what’s heading your way below.

Return of SCP-079[edit]

SCP-079 is back with some new abilities and toys to play with!

  • Movement - 079 can now use 3 modes to move around, which are:
    • Map - activated with tab, allows 079 to Left Click.png Left Click on rooms and move there
    • WASD - changes with your camera rotation, for example, W will move you to the camera in front of you
    • Clicking cameras - the old way of doing things, 079 can just Left Click.png Left Click the camera icons to move to his next location
  • 079’s HUD - completely reworked, including more necessary information
  • Ability usage - SCP-079 now uses a power called “Auxiliary Power” that recharges over time, it works like mana, that can be used to activate 079's abilities
  • Experience - can be earned by performing actions or simply assisting human kills. Leveling up increases the AP regeneration and unlocks new abilities.
  • Camera movement modes - There are 2 ways of rotating (looking around) your cameras, switchable using Spacebar.
  • Tesla Gates - SCP-079 can now use tesla gates to his advantage, by using a single instant burst instead of a massive overcharge; practically, we've found it much more efficient than the previous one
  • Locking doors - now instead of a constant time, the door will be indefinitely locked with a constant power decay until 079 presses Right Click.png Right Click or runs out of Aux Power.
  • New ability - 079 can now shut down all the power in a room, turning off the lights and locking the doors.
  • Zone-specific camera models, that actually rotate, and tell you if SCP-079 is looking at you.
  • Elevators - 079 can send an elevator up/down to disadvantage his enemies.
  • New recontainment system - There are now generators placed all around the HCZ. These will power up 079 each time they are turned on. However, if all are turned on, a mini-event will occur, where 079 begins to be "fried" out of the facility hardware, gaining a lot of power temporarily before dying. These generators require Weapon Manager Tablets to operate.

Weapon System Changes[edit]

  • New weapon: USP

A new "tool" for those pesky Class D's! We've added a USP gun, that can hold a couple more attachments than the previous pistol! Beware though, only one will spawn and hold its true glory.

  • Weapon attachment changes

Get ready with those tablets, weapon attachments are now persistent. What does this mean?, you may be thinking.

Any weapons dropped by fellow players will retain the attachments that player had set on them. Fancy an E-11 with a scope, while wanting a Red Dot sight for CQC? Now you can! (Just be sure to pick, or modify the carefully 'obtained' second rifle!) You now need to hold the weapon you wish to modify.

General improvements[edit]

We’ve also balanced the attachments, improved holo sight effects, and E-11 SR shaders.

  • General changes
    • C.A.S.S.I.E. - announces more detailed information about SCP deaths, telling what killed it specifically (i.e. kill by a Tesla Gate, Warhead detonation, etc).
    • Major Scientist keycard can open checkpoints now!
    • Respawn system - has had a few tweaks and changes to improve the queue and way it decides who will spawn in each wave. Spectators chances to respawn increase with the awaiting time.
    • New Permission Manager - allows you to control and set in-game roles via RA. (Use with command PM)
    • Broadcast/bc command - allows you to send a message to all players through the Remote Admin!
    • Hiding UI - You can now hide the UI! Do so by pressing “P”.
    • Engine, Steam & Voice Chat Update - General updates to our systems have been made, and stability of the voice chat has been improved.

  • Bugfixes
    • -1HP/One shot bug on self-hosted servers fixed
    • Fall damage in 106 room when exiting the Pocket Dimention fixed
    • Playerlist was sometimes shown empty. Fixed
    • Fall damage when gliding against a surface fixed
    • Fall damage in elevators when jumping fixed
    • Micro HID locking the inventory fixed
    • Standing on a locker's door in the Entrance zone won't trigger the anti-cheat anymore
    • The janitor card can now be given through the Give Item command

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