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Release Date 22 Dec 2020
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Christmas is right around the corner, and even the facility is showing signs of festive cheer. As usual, this year we have prepared some exciting Christmas gifts for you including new audio, cosmetic, gameplay, and map changes!

Christmas Decorations

As you may have noticed, since the start of December, some festive decorations have appeared around the facility. Those were just the beginning...

The facility was not built with comfort in mind, and this festive season the facility can be seen with a colder look. With snow falling from the sky, and a fresh blanket covering the ground it's almost certain the temperature will plummet. A creeping fog can also be seen through the exhales of your condensing breath. There is no doubt that this will be a chilly festive season.

To combat the cold, someone in the facility has been kind enough to make hot cocoa for all the kind personnel. If you have been deemed naughty this year, well, you can always make a fire with some coal… just be careful with some pieces.

Cosmetic and Audio Changes

With our development team focused on future updates, like 11.0, not all of our classes have gotten into the Christmas spirit. The ones that have though, seem to have taken “getting into the Christmas spirit” quite literally.

SCP-173 and SCP-096 appear to have spent too much time outside in the cold this year and are suffering because of it.


Although Santa Claus won’t be paying the facility a visit, it seems SCP-2536 will. It has been spotted manifesting within the facility and giving gifts to personnel that need them.

A small notice that at the current time SCP-2536 is considered a Christmas update exclusive and will be removed upon the season ending.

Complete Changelog

  • Changed Alpha Warhead lighting to festive variant.
  • Added Surface zone snow and effects.
  • Added a Skybox.
  • Changed weapon station model to festive variant .
  • Changed models for SCP-173 and SCP-096 to festive variants.
  • Added hot cocoa to certain desks.
  • Added SCP-2536, gifts and special items.
  • Changed CI car model to festive variant.
  • Changed SCP-018 to festive variant.
  • Added condensed breath effect to human classes.
  • Changed facility colour palette.
  • Added light fog.
  • Enabled Christmas achievement.

Fixed Windows 7 issues, people using the operating system should now be able to launch and play the game.

Thank you, once again, for supporting Northwood Studios and SCP: Secret Laboratory!

Happy Holidays!

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