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Release Date 28 Oct 2023
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We’ve just released the Halloween seasonal update for SCP:SL. Included are new and reworked SCP-330 candies, a new playable SCP, alongside numerous other smaller features for this year’s spooky season.

SCP-3114 — Wouldn't it be Chilly?

SCP-3114 is our newest playable SCP, added for this year's Halloween festivities. In short, it is an animate human skeleton — capable of inflicting melee damage, as well as disguising itself as the deceased.

Spawning in PT00, it’ll often disguise itself quickly; so that it may discreetly blend into the crowd(s) of civilians rushing throughout Light Containment Zone.
You’ll never know as to whose face it may be hiding under …

Although we haven’t decided if SCP-3114 is a suitable candidate for permanent implementation, we’ve ensured that SCP-3114 will remain in the Remote Admin menu year-round, allowing modded communities and server administration to spawn the SCP in whenever desired.
As such, you can expect to see more of SCP-3114!

Base Stats

  • SCP-3114 has a chance to additionally spawn “on top” of the other SCPs in a round.
  • SCP-3114 spawns with 1250 HP. Hume Shield starts at 350, and scales up to 600 when at low health.
  • While undisguised, SCP-3114 has a walk speed of 4.6m/s, a sprint speed of 5.8m/s, and a total of 5 seconds of stamina.
  • While disguised, SCP-3114 will match the walk, sprint, and stamina of a human.

Primary Attack — ‘Catch These Hands’

SCP-3114 slaps the area in front of it, in a similar fashion to SCP-939’s Claw attack. Each successful hit deals 10 damage, and restores 25 Hume Shield. This has an attack cooldown of 0.5s (equating the time-to-kill to a total of five seconds).

Secondary Attack — ‘Strangulation’

SCP-3114 grabs a nearby human by the neck, locks them into place, and begins strangling them. Victims progressively lose more and more HP — starting from 5hp/s, which is then accelerated by 5hp/s² (equating the time-to-kill to a total of roughly five seconds).

Players can be saved from SCP-3114’s Strangulation if the SCP receives substantial incoming damage.

Primary Ability — ‘Under Their Skin’

When SCP-3114 walks up to a corpse while undisguised, a message on-screen will display “Hold ‘E’ to Steal Skin”. This action will take five seconds to complete.<

SCP-3114 will begin to tear off the corpse’s skin, donning it as its own. This results in SCP-3114 adopting the name, model, and class of the recently deceased player. The corpse will then be reduced to a pile of bones — a primary sign that SCP-3114 had been in the area.

Holding ‘R’ while disguised will cause SCP-3114 to abruptly tear off its skin — destroying the disguise — re-enabling its primary and secondary attacks.

Passive Ability — ‘Skeletons in Your Closet’

SCP-3114’s passive ability is focused on helping it blend in with humans easier. The following effects are granted while SCP-3114 is disguised:

  • Spectators will not be able to view SCP-3114’s nickname.
  • SCP-3114 will have the class, model, and name of the person to whom the original corpse belonged to.
  • SCP-3114 can equip, hold, and drop all items in the game. Most items cannot be utilised by SCP-3114.
  • On non-friendly fire servers, a hitmarker will not be displayed when shooting a disguised SCP-3114.
  • SCP-3114’s appearance will be visually distinct from other humans when observed by fellow SCPs.
  • SCP-3114 is able to freely communicate with humans when disguised as one, akin to old SCP-939.

SCP-330 — Halloween Edition!

As per the yearly tradition, we’ve revisited SCP-330 this year. SCP-330’s bowl now has six new candies, bringing the total to 13.
Alongside this, we’ve also revamped all the previously implemented candies, granting them with powerful and unique effects.

Found below are brief teasers for each one.

Red Candy

Rarity: Common
Description: Causes a scorching hot wave of fire to spew from your mouth, damaging anyone in your vicinity.

Yellow Candy

Rarity: Common
Description: Can't stop, won't stop. Increases movement speed and forces you to sprint forward, as well as halting stamina consumption.

Green Candy

Rarity: Common
Description: A laced candy with extreme regenerative properties. Grants a massive health bonus.

Blue Candy

Rarity: Common
Description: Rapidly converts body tissue into marshmallow. Part man, part marshmallow. All carnage.

Purple Candy

Rarity: Common
Description: Slows your metabolism — but greatly increases your appetite. Grants you a significant, but temporary AHP bonus.

Rainbow Candy

Rarity: Uncommon
Description: Expel a prismatic cloud, granting buffs to nearby players. Allows all within range to cheat death.

Pink Candy

Rarity: Very Rare
Description: You are well aware of what Pink Candy does.

Orange Candy — New!

Rarity: Common
Description: Causes you to radiate a brilliant shade of orange. Enemies struggle to avert their eyes from you.

White Candy — New!

Rarity: Common
Description: Temporarily transforms you into a ghost — turning you translucent and allowing you to pass through doors.

Gray Candy — New!

Rarity: Common
Description: Turns you into an extremely heavy and damage resistant piece of lead. Watch out below!

Brown Candy — New!

Rarity: Common
Description: An extremely effective laxative.

Black Candy — New!

Rarity: Rare
Description: Inflicts a random effect. Feeling Lucky?

Evil Candy — New!

Rarity: Extremely Rare.
Description: Turns you evil.

Other Game Changes

  • Replaced all flashlights in the facility with lanterns.
  • Reintroduced the Jackie skin for SCP-018.
  • Introduced a new skin for the Jailbird — the Demon Core.
  • Introduced new skins for multiple SCP subjects.
  • Security personnel are investigating possible signs of corruption in regard to C.A.S.S.I.E's reporting systems.
  • Introduced new ambiance and sound effects in line with the Halloween spirit.
  • Added new props throughout the Facility.

Here’s to celebrating another year of SCP:SL. We hope that this update comes out to be one of the best seasonal ones yet.
Keep your eyes peeled for a feedback form on the horizon.

Have fun, and see you in the dark.

~ Northwood Studios

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