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Release Date 25 Jun 2022
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Hello everyone. Version 11.2.1 of SCP: Secret Laboratory has just been released! It features a few minor improvements and bug fixes.

It may not be a big update but we still wanted to inform you of some of the changes made.


  • Improved how SCP-173 Tantrum collisions work.
  • Fixed SCP-173's Tantrum occasionally being placed midair.
  • Decreased SCP-173's maximum Hume Shield to 1200.
  • Decreased SCP-096's maximum Hume Shield to 800.
  • SCP-1853 increases the rate at which SCP-500, SCP-018, Painkillers, High-Explosive Grenades, Flashbang Grenades, Adrenaline, and Medkits are used by 20%. With each consecutive use, SCP-1853 will retain 50% efficacy — the initial use will have 20% increased speed, the second use 30%, the third 35% etc.
  • SCP-1853 increases stamina usage by 30%, instead of 50%.
  • SCP-244 will break through SCP Hume Shield and damage health.
  • SCP-244 will now no longer damage players with spawn protection.
  • Shotgun damage reduced to 8.33 per pellet.
  • Changed spread pattern to accurately reflect what a shotgun should behave like.
  • Replaced the sixth Facility Guard in the default respawn queue with a Class-D personnel.


We hope to be sharing more related to the next major update and its exciting new features. Thank you for your continued support.

Have fun, and see you in the dark. ~ Northwood Studios

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