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Release Date 9 Aug 2018
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v7.3.0 v7.4.0
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C.A.S.S.I.E. improvements - a lot of people were complaining about the pronunciation of the numbers (for instance: tree instead of three). Well, you weren’t wrong. In Secret Lab we were trying to utilize phonetic numbers for the sake of continuity

You can read about the phonetic numbers here:

However, due to community disagreements, we decided to record the numbers again with normal pronunciation.

Remote Admin improvements

  • Bypass mode now allows you to override the Intercom's cooldown and max speech time.
  • Added GUI for god mode, heal and lockdown commands
  • Added unban and hp commands in Text-Based RA
  • Added GUI for server events
  • Admins can now see hidden badges
  • Added more detailed player info (REQUEST_DATA PLAYER X)

Fixed common glitches and improved the stability of the game

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