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Release Date 24 Jun 2023
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Hello everyone,

We are looking forward to providing numerous content updates with the release of 13.1. Expect changes to certain SCPs, bug fixes, balancing adjustments, and more.

Below presents the full changelog for version 13.1:

SCP-079 Changes

Within this update, SCP-079 has received a large amount of balance tweaks, quality of life changes, and more. These modifications were taken from feedback provided by the community. We hope these changes help improve gameplay involving SCP-079.

  • Reintroduced SCP-079’s intro cutscene with improved graphics.
  • Doors locked by SCP-079 now produce a loud whirring noise.
  • Locking a closed door now costs a fifth of SCP-079’s maximum AP. Maintaining this lock will then drain AP exponentially.
  • Locking an opened door will now only cost 10 AP. SCP-079 will no longer drain AP to maintain this lock.
  • SCP-079’s door locking cooldown is now universal. Instead of being door-specific, the initial cooldown before SCP-079 can lock another door is three seconds, plus however long the last door was locked for, divided by two (e.g.: if a door was locked for ten seconds, SCP-079 would have to wait eight seconds (3s + 10s/2) before he can lock any other door).
  • Termination EXP rewards have been rebalanced.
    • Class-D Termination Assists now grant 30 EXP (from 40).
    • Scientist Termination Assists now grant 40 EXP (from 50).
    • MTF, Chaos Insurgency, and Tutorial Termination Assists now grant 50 EXP (from 30).
    • Facility Guard Termination Assists now grant 30 EXP (from 25).
    • Terminating any class via the usage of a Tesla gate will now double EXP rewards.
  • Blackout now costs 25 AP instead of 15 AP.
  • Reduced the cost of switching between zones and elevators.
    • Elevator travel now costs 10 AP.
    • Switching to nearby zones now costs 10 AP.
    • Skipping zones when swapping costs 20 AP per zone skipped.
  • Using speakers now halves AP regen.

SCP-106 Changes

Following our Patreon Early Access Rebalancing Session (PEARS), SCP-106 received overall tweaks slowing down his ability to camp and removing his effective ‘one-shot kill’ attack.

  • Increased SCP-106’s health to 2200 (from 2000).
  • Increased SCP-106’s initial Hume Shield to 350 (from 300).
  • Decreased SCP-106’s maximum Hume Shield to 750 (from 900).
  • SCP-106 now has a constant breathing noise revealing his position. The audio cue can be heard from up to seven metres.
  • SCP-106 may no longer phase through SCP-079’s containment doors whilst locked.
  • Humans that escape SCP-106’s Pocket Dimension now receive the Traumatized status effect permanently. This effect is curable by SCP-500 and has special audio that plays when near SCP-106.
  • Reworked SCP-106’s main attack.
    • SCP-106’s attack now requires two hits to send a target into the Pocket Dimension, with a cooldown of 1.5s per attack.
    • The initial hit does 30 immediate damage and applies Corrosion for 20 seconds. Corrosion applies a damage over time effect, totaling 72 HP worth of damage. Corrosion can be temporarily blocked by Vitality from green candy.
    • If a human player has Corrosion when hit by SCP-106, the player will be teleported into SCP-106’s Pocket Dimension and grant SCP-106 a Vigor bonus.
    • If a human player has Traumatized when hit by SCP-106, the player will instantly be killed, granting SCP-106 a Vigor bonus.
  • When using Stalk, SCP-106 sinks into the floor 0.6s slower, and emerges 0.6s faster.
  • SCP-106’s Stalk/Hunter’s Atlas shared cooldown recovers twice as fast while moving.
  • Vigor now regenerates during Stalk/Hunter’s Atlas cooldown as long as SCP-106 is actively moving.

More SCP-related Changes

  • SCP-049’s containment zone has been overhauled. This includes new hallways, armoury loot, and now a spawn point for SCP-173.
  • SCP-018 now has a slower acceleration, requiring more time to reach maximum velocity.
  • SCP-018’s velocity value is now tripled.
  • Improved SCP-018’s prediction system, preventing it from glitching outside the map.
  • Decreased SCP-018’s maximum damage to justify velocity increase.
  • Changed textures of SCP-939’s first-person viewmodel. The claws are now in colour instead of grayscale.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Adjusted the Shotgun double-shot system attachment. Now fires 16 pellets instead of 24, all of which need to hit in order to instantly kill a target.
  • Added an indicator on the playerlist displaying the amount of players.
  • Medical lockers now have a 66% chance to contain one to two painkillers.
  • Weapon workstations now display special text when an unmodifiable gun is actively trying to be modified.
  • Optimised the Main Menu and Operational Guide.
  • Added inertia for pannable objects in the Operational Guide, preventing endlessly spinning models.
  • Revamped settings, improving maintainability and scalability, whilst now being editable from the in-game escape menu. New settings have been added, and old ones have been reworked.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Vitality providing immunity to unintended status effects.
  • Fixed purple candy not correctly providing damage reduction.
  • Fixed shotgun bypassing damage limiter when multiple hitboxes are hit, resulting in extra damage.
  • Fixed SCP-173 getting stuck if teleporting onto a weapon locker in the Alpha Warhead armoury.
  • Fixed multiple unreachable spots for SCP-173.
  • Fixed multiple out-of-bounds spots for SCP-173.
  • Fixed a very specific game crash bug when spectating a player who disconnects the moment a Light Containment Zone decontamination announcement plays.
  • Fixed incorrect translation files being applied for Scientist and Chaos Insurgency F1 menus.
  • Fixed SCP-939 becoming soft-locked if a round ends as they deploy an amnestic cloud.
  • Fixed SCP-079 notifications not properly text-wrapping, resulting in UI overlap.
  • Fixed SCP-914 upgrading consumable items that are actively in use.
  • Fixed buttons at the SCP-079 armoury not changing door state upon interaction.
  • Fixed an exploit allowing players to jump higher if lag is accidentally or intentionally created.
  • Fixed multiple model lighting issues within the Operational Guide.
  • Fixed an error caused by SCP-2176’s projectile getting deleted sooner than expected.
  • Fixed an issue with the RA console stating “You are trying to ban half the server” when selecting less than half of the server.
  • Fixed the ‘Is This Thing On?’ achievement.
  • Fixed players without Overwatch permissions being able to disable Overwatch mode.

Technical Changes

  • Roles marked as `ITeslaControllerRole` must now define custom Idle-detection logic.
  • Users in Overwatch will now have the Overwatch icon in remote admin again.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in SCP tickets data loss when the same database file is used on multiple sub-servers.
  • Fixed a crash that could be caused by sending the wrong VoiceChat packets.
  • Reworked physics for pickups, allowing for smoother behaviour, especially at higher pings.

Thank you for the continued support and feedback throughout ‘Refracted Reality’! We’re looking forward to bringing more updates in the near future.

See you in the dark.

~ Northwood Studios

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