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Release Date 26 Oct 2021
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v11.0.2 v11.1.0
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Hello everyone!

Another hotfix has just been released, containing a few bugfixes and a few adjustments to candies.


  • Fixed a few issues with the Lantern, including weird physics in elevators.
  • Adjusted some of the candies:
    • Blue candy: AHP will be removed entirely after exiting the marshmallow form.
    • Yellow candy: Speed buff is now 150% (increased from 120%) but lasts only for 5 seconds.
    • Green candy: You can jump even higher, and the penalty is reduced.
  • Fixed most of the warnings about missing components (which used to spam the client log).
  • Fixed Marshmallowman being able to randomly damage itself.

Please note this update is compatible with the previous versions. It may take some time for the aforementioned adjustments to appear on all servers. ~ Northwood Studios