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Release Date 3 Jul 2023
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v13.1.0 v13.2.0
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Hello everyone. Today we bring you a list of important bug fixes and changes for our most recent release— version 13.1.0.

Fixes and Small Changes

  • Reimplemented the COM-15 spawn within the PC15 room.
  • Improved colliders on certain panels of glass.
  • Potentially fixed the ‘death jumps’ bug. We’re keeping a close eye on this one!
  • Fixed sprint requiring reactivation upon aiming down sights or stepping into SCP-173’s Tantrum puddle.
  • Fixed being unable to sprint when the sneak toggle option is enabled and actively in use.
  • Fixed the ‘Noise Reduction’ setting not being available in the settings menu.
  • Reimplemented an indicator for attempting to talk whilst not authenticated.

Technical Changes

  • Updated the NWPluginAPI to be fully compatible with 13.1.0.
  • Flipped the PlayerDamageEvent argument output, which should now be correct.
  • Fixed certain commands not being properly logged.
  • Patched an exploit with the Remote Admin’s admin chat.
  • Fixed classes in the Remote Admin logs, player queries, and admin reports being translated to the language of the server.
  • Fixed a potential null reference when logging unauthenticated players.
  • Fixed Escape event granting tickets infinitely if cancelled by a plugin.

That’s all for today. Have fun, and see you in the dark. ~ Northwood Studios

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