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Release Date 3 Mar 2021
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v10.2.1 v11.0.0
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Hello everyone!

We've just released the 10.2.2 hotfix! With it comes a multitude of changes and fixes.



  • SCP-096 will now deal 750 damage to doors when charging (increased from 250). This addresses an oversight where they couldn't charge through the doors in SCP-106's containment chamber.
  • SCP-106's portals now teleport with elevators. This helps to fix a longstanding bug where 106 could end up in the out-of-bounds side of an elevator.
  • Optimised SCP-096 Scripts.


  • Optimised authentication - it now takes about only half of the time.
  • Updated LocalAdmin to version 2.3.8.
  • Updated and improved the Anti-Cheat (These were the small updates you may have noticed recently).



  • Fixed an issue where killing all other SCP's wouldn't re-contain SCP-079 if 4 out of 5 generators were active.
  • Fixed the "Burned" status effect working inversely for weapon damage (i.e. making the victim cause more damage, instead of receiving more.)
  • Fixed the inability to open the inventory or player list when dying as SCP-106 with your sinkhole menu open.
  • Fixed an issue with CASSIE where multiple numbers would void "PITCH" settings for the rest of the line after the first number.
  • Fixed `ci_on_start_percent` config.
  • Fixed ping not being round trip time.
  • Fixed a bug where SCP-106 would die if traveling through his sinkhole when the alpha warhead detonates. He only dies if the sinkhole is in the facility or an elevator.
  • Fixed an issue where grenades could get out of bounds if you threw them too close to the ceiling.
  • Fixed an issue where SCP-096 could turn around when in "TryNotToCry"
  • Fixed an issue allowing you to drink more than 4 SCP-207 (cola) at the same time.


  • Fixed an issue where players muted while currently talking in scp/radio/spec chat would have their speaking indicators get stuck on your screen.


  • The ARG plaque in SCP-079's chamber is no longer stuck out-of-bounds.


  • Fixed an issue where command interpolation for numerical values would throw errors during startup. Certain int-values would return "-" if null rather than a valid int like "-1".
  • Fixed an issue where the Steam/Discord RPC would display the max players count incorrectly.
  • Improved SCPs 049, 106, and 173 killing security - it's not possible to kill through walls, doors, or any other objects or from a long distance anymore.
  • Added rate limits to the usage of medical items (to prevent cheaters and griefers abusing sound effects).
  • Improved LocalAdmin process exit on Windows.

Thank you for your continued support!
~ Northwood Studios