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Release Date 7 Feb 2018
Version chronology
Previous Version Next Version
v0.4.2 v1.0.1
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  • Completely new map generator! Get lost in the facility every round, you foolish D-Classes!
  • New door models + information about the required levels of permissions. We’re finally diversifying, hail the doors! (Or cry, when they deny you access.)
  • Custom footsteps for different classes. I’d run if you hear 106.
  • New server browser system – working “server info”, number of players, less risk of bypassing the security. IT’S HAPPENING, CALM DOWN!
  • Remote Admin update - much faster and friendlier.
  • SCP-079 temporary removal – It’s awaiting the new overhaul with some SSD disks, yum.
  • Optimization! Less lag, more fun!
  • New flashlight model. Shine into your friend’s face because you’re an inherent bad boy!
  • Server name filters.
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