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Release Date 27 Oct 2020
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Today we are releasing a small balance update for our SCP: Secret Laboratory Halloween Event, which focuses on some slight adjustments to SCP-330 (the "Take Only Two" bowl of candies), as well as other minor tweaks.

The Pink Candy[edit]

The explosive candy was incredibly fun in the first days of the Halloween event, but its destructive power against SCPs was quickly discovered. Today's update limits the pink candy damage dealt to the SCPs while maintaining similar destructive power against other human classes. We understand if our decision won't be appreciated by all of you, but the Halloween update will continue for about a week, and the pink candy already affects the balance of the game to an extent where SCPs are afraid to attack humans classes. The exact changes are:

  • The lethal explosion range is slightly decreased (by 15%).
  • The maximum damage a candy can deal to humans is now 200 HP.
  • The damage is tripled for Zombies (one candy can deal up to 600 HP).
  • SCP damage calculation is new and improved! For every 100 HP worth of damage an explosion would deal to a human, it will take 10% of the SCP's max health.
  • The spawn chance for the pink candy has been reduced by half.

Other Candies[edit]

We've buffed almost all candies, to make them more useful.

  • [Blue] Stamina addition increased from 15% to 50%
  • [Red] Health addition increased from 15 HP to 35 HP
  • [Green] Unchanged, the Invigorated Effect is given for 10 seconds.
  • [Purple] Artificial health addition increased from 15 AHP to 25 AHP
  • [Yellow] Health regeneration is no longer linear, it now starts fast and decays over time.


As requested, we have re-added Mr. Nutty chuckle.