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Release Date 2 May 2018
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v5.0.1 v5.1.1
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Remote Admin features[edit]

  • Better query compression - Remote Admin will stop ignoring requests.
  • GUI minor redesign

Update 510 1.png

  • Text-based mode - if you want to access more commands, you can use the Text-Based Remote Admin (T.B.R.A. mode). The full list of commands is available here

Update 510 2.png

  • Custom commands support - Now you can modify your server in order to add your own commands. It can be helpful with implementing your own events and stuff like that!

Other changes[edit]

  • New warhead control room

Update 510 3.png

  • Changed the bloom effect

Update 510 4.png

  • Updated the Dissonance (voicechat plugin that we use). Let's see if it helps.