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Release Date 7 Sep 2018
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v7.3.1 v8.0.0
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  • Interface Rework! - New inventory, healthbar, in-game menu and player list!

  • Support for more aspect ratios! Including 21:9 and 5:4!
  • Elevator buttons! Nothing important but.. it's still something! It looks better and shows the current status of the elevator.

  • Remote Admin improvements - the tool for server owners; some bug fixes and other improvements. For example: added some visual improvements, added "Enter" key functionality, added large data printer (using QR code), further details in "player info" command, teleportation commands, intercom events, server-wide mutes or intercom mutes.
  • Changed grenades mechanics - now you can break more doors, even if you don't have a proper keycard.
  • Security improvements - footsteps & fall damage were moved to the server-side code, which means it is no longer possible to make cheats related to these features. We also made a simple fly-hack anti-cheat.
  • Overall server logging improvements
  • Added an option to hide global badges by default on your server
  • Fixed a glitch that made glass & blood invisible
  • Overall C.A.S.S.I.E. improvements - changed some effects and expanded the word base
  • Added more breakable windows and doors
  • Performance improvements - we adjusted some default settings, in my case I got about 30% more frames per second.
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