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Release Date 6 Jan 2023
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Hello everyone. Today we bring you a small update to round off the holiday season.

This year, SCP: Secret Laboratory’s holiday update was larger than anything we’ve previously done in previous years. We want to give you as much time with the limited content as possible, and, as a result, this update brings some minor needed tweaks and fixes to the holiday version of the game.

SCP-2536 Changes

  • Adjusted SCP-2536’s overall loot table.
  • Introduced a new anomalous item — The Jailbird. The Jailbird is a special melee weapon that can be rarely granted by SCP-2536.
  • Opening a present gifted by SCP-2536 will cause a small cooldown, preventing one player from claiming all the gifts nearly instantly.
  • SCP-2536 will no longer attempt to spawn for the Chaos Insurgency. Insurgents are still able to open gifts.
  • SCP-2536 can only give one ‘Last Stand’ gift per round. Expect significantly less Logicers.
  • Added a SCP-2536 spawn point inside of SCP-096’s containment chamber.
  • SCP-2536’s gift will now have a disintegration effect whenever it appears and disappears.
  • SCP-2536’s spawning mechanics will now loop if valid targets cannot be found.
  • Improved how SCP-2536’s audio works.
  • Adjusted SCP-2536 visuals. SCP-2536 should no longer disappear when looking at it from a far distance.

Other Changes and Fixes

  • Added Operational Guide entries for all of the new SCPs.
  • SCP-956 will now target players affected by SCP-559 significantly faster.
  • Introduced poppable balloons scattered around the Facility.
  • You are now able to drink from the various mugs around the Facility.
  • Rebalanced SCP-106.
  • - Hunter's Atlas now applies sinkhole cooldown.
  • - SCP-106 Vigor regeneration pauses during sinkhole cooldown.
  • - Vigor will no longer regenerate if SCP-106 remains stationary.
  • Reimplemented third-person animations for the Coin.
  • SCP-018’s logo now faces the player when held.
  • Increased SCP-1576 playback volume.
  • Changed the fog color.
  • SCP-173’s blink indicator now uses the snowy model.
  • Fixed volumetric lighting on the Surface Zone.
  • Updated the Reddit link in the main menu.
  • Various Remote Admin improvements, including a new Token System window and improved forceclass-related commands.


We hope that you all enjoyed the special update this year. Thank you all for your warm reception and continued support.

Have fun, and see you in the dark. ~ Northwood Studios

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