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Release Date 3 Aug 2020
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Hey - since Scopophobia’s release, we’ve been continually patching issues that have cropped up, as well as fixing some long-time bugs. Because the release has actually been quite stable, we’ve taken our time with it, but here is version 10.0.1, featuring the following changes:


Main Menu[edit]

  • The "Create Server" option is now hidden by default.* The -scs startup argument will cause it to be visible on startup, and the new client commands cst and tcs toggle its visibility on and off. See the bottom of the announcement for more information on this decision.
  • The News tab now properly displays news entries with more than 4,000 characters.
  • "Light Rendering Mode” has been renamed to “Render Lights.”
  • The option to play using DIrectX12 no longer appears if the OS is not Windows 10.

In-Game Menu[edit]

  • Adds a Server Info option to the ESC menu, which displays the current server's pastebin info.


  • Adds the "RIDLIST" client command, which displays a list of all room ids.
  • Adds the "PLAYERINVENTORY" remote admin command, which displays all items that a player is carrying. Aliases: "playerinv", "pinv", "pinventory". Accepts player IDs as an argument.
  • Adds the "ROOMTP" remote admin command, which teleports a player to a specific RID. ALiases: "rtp", "ridtp".
  • Adds the "CASSIEWORDS" remote admin command, which displays a list of all valid CASSIE words.
  • Adds the “STARTHOST” client command, which starts a local server. Aliases: “startserver”
  • Improvements to the "CMDBIND" client console command.
  • Remote Admin’s “HELP” command now opens a wiki page, instead of a Google Docs document.


  • Removed SCP-096's containment chamber's chair - its model was very inefficient, and resulted in a number of anticheat problems and glitches.
  • Improved the resolution of a number of textures and materials in the facility without compromising performance.



  • Fixed an issue where, if overcharge was initiated shortly before the end of the round, it would occur in the following round.
  • SCP-096 now properly unloads when a player is forceclassed from 096 to 079.
  • Fixed an oversight preventing SCP-939 from seeing moving human players unless they were jumping. This should provide a significant buff to 939’s current performance.
  • Fixed a variable issue which prevented SCP-096's shield effect from being visible.
  • Fixed the scaling of SCP-096's ragdoll to match their actual body size.
  • SCP-173 can now correctly move in darkened rooms as long as a player doesn't see them with a flashlight or NV scope.
  • Fixed resolution related text disappearing.
  • Fixed Pause Menu elements being positioned strangely on ultrawide resolutions.
  • Fixed stuck spots involving pedestals in SCP-096's and SCP-173's containment chamber.


  • Major anticheat rework: anticheat now only kills players as a last resort.
  • Fixed players being killed when doors closed on them.
  • Authentication thread is now exited properly.
  • The Jump and Sneak keys now have functionality in noclip.
  • Various other security-related fixes.

API Changes[edit]

Note: These are only important for plugin developers and feature no significant changes in-game. This is by no means all-inclusive; our code is changing constantly, and these are only the most significant changes.


  • Removes the PickupInfo struct. Synchronized pickup information (ID, durability, and so on) is now stored directly as SyncVars on the pickup script.
  • Adds a WeaponModifiers data struct, used to track the weapon mods on dropped guns.


The FlickerableLight system has been reworked. Rooms have a FlickerableLightController component below the root room itself. This replaces the string system, and handles synchronization automatically. Lights can be turned off in individual rooms with the ServerFlickerLights(float seconds) function.

Wrapping Up[edit]

We are, of course, not done making changes to 10.0.0. There are still changes we want to make, and those changes are on the way, especially regarding balance and 096 (which we’ve been extensively discussing internally to try and decide on a solution that’s healthy in the long-term and not just a temporary fix for 096’s issues.)

We’re also aware of an issue affecting the Korean, Chinese, and Japanese translations (among others) that causes some characters to render as blank boxes. We’ve run into some complications in fixing it, but we’re still working on fixing the problem on our end and will hopefully have a fix for it out ASAP.

Keep an eye out for some upcoming changes in the near future, and stay healthy and safe this August.


*This is because local servers have continually become more unstable, and supporting changes specifically for them both segregates the game’s code and is difficult to sustain with our current team. The option still exists for those who use it, but we wanted to make it clear that the option is not our recommended default.

If you use the Create Server feature often, we highly recommend you set up a dedicated server! Making a dedicated server is usually fast and easy, and you can host it on the same computer you use to play the game. You can follow one of our Steam guides for instructions, or download the SCP: Secret Laboratory Dedicated Server tool on Steam.