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Release Date 7 Sep 2023
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v13.2.0 v13.3.0
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Hello everyone. Today we bring you a range of important bug fixes and balance adjustments for version 13.2.

Balance Changes

  • Removed the FR-MG-0 AP magazine’s damage bonus.
  • Decreased FR-MG-0 short barrel damage penalty to 3% (from 4%).
  • Increased SCP-939’s sprint speed to 7.0m/s (from 6.7m/s).
  • Decreased SCP-939’s maximum stamina to 13s (from 15s).
  • Decreased how far SCP-939’s growl can be heard.
  • SCP-939 now hears their own growls at a reduced volume.
  • SCP-939 is no longer revealed in an Amnestic Cloud when missing a Claw or Lunge.
  • Amnestic Cloud now deploys 20% faster.
  • Increased SCP-049’s HP to 2200 (from 2000).
  • Increased SCP-049’s initial and maximum Hume Shield by 100.
  • Increased SCP-049’s base movement speed to 4.4m/s (from 4.1m/s).
  • SCP-049-2 can now only damage one target at a time.
  • Updated SCP-244’s particles.
  • Decreased how high SCP-244’s fog spreads.

Bug Fixes and Miscellaneous Changes

  • Improved SCP-939’s hit registration.
  • Updated the PluginAPI build to use the latest release.
  • Fixed hearing SCP chat being toggled ‘on’ by default whilst in Overwatch mode.
  • Gun crosshairs are no longer extremely thin on lower resolutions.
  • Fixed SCP-096 not being able to destroy SCP-330’s door.

Thank you all for the bug reports. Have fun, and see you in the dark.
~ Northwood Studios

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