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Release Date 4 Dec 2019
Version chronology
Previous Version Next Version
v9.0.2 v9̷̘͉͉͂̈́̓̃.͙̰ͥͩ0̰̝͍͎̤͍̟ͭ̋̆̉̇̿̉.̶̥̹͎͕̱̿͌4̧̣̟̪̹̹̤̏ͣ
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Steam changelogs

Another hotfix fresh from the oven. Things are mostly stable with the patch, but we've still got some polishing and quality-of-life fixes to wrap up. 9.0.3 includes the following stuff from our programmers:

  • Serversided SCP-173 and SCP-096's hitmarkers
  • Added a client command ('rc' or 'reconnect') to rejoin the last server you've played on
  • Added a client command ('togglenoclip') that does what it says on the tin; noclip must be enabled before use
  • Disabled headbob while noclipping
  • Added the 914_mode server config option, which configures how SCP-914 behaves
  • Optimized movement sync
  • Fixes SCP-106's grab applying corrosion to invincible players but not teleporting them
  • Fixes players being unable to die on some servers
  • Fixes spectator camera turning black when the spectated player dies
  • Fixes 049-2 interfering with 079's automatic recontainment
  • Fixes chase music being played while 079 uses a speaker
  • Fixes voice chat triggering while RA or the game console is open
  • Fixes players not dying to the warhead while they have artificial health
  • Fixes heads behaving abnormally when switching spectated player
  • Fixes inconsistent shot registration against players wearing SCP-268