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Release Date 13 Aug 2020
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v10.0.1 v10.0.3
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10.0.1, our latest refinement version, introduced some new bugs that we've now addressed. While this didn't have any major consequences, it resulted in an issue related to SCP-096's health scaling, as well as locking 079 into place if they navigated into the containment hallway of SCP-012. 10.0.2 fixes these problems and a few more, bringing the following changes:


  • SCP-096 can now charge through the heavy gate on the Surface Zone.
  • Crosshair textures, as well as the texture of SCP-914’s settings panel, now remain legible even with low texture quality settings.
  • Slight performance optimizations.
  • Replaced several textures around the map with higher-quality versions.

These texture adjustments were erroneously featured in the changelogs for our last version, but didn't actually ship with it. We've included them properly in 10.0.2. You can find an example below - the left image is new, while the right image is old.


  • Fixed an issue causing SCP-096 to not gain artificial health whenever they acquired a new target
  • Fixed death reasons using the server's localization instead of the client's
  • Fixed an issue causing doors to leave no destroyed versions when they were destroyed with a grenade
  • Fixed an issue causing SCP-079's view to become stuck in SCP-012's room when navigating to it through cameras
  • Fixed checkpoint doors occasionally failing to play their closing sound
  • Fixes towards a bug causing SCP-096 to become locked in their "Try Not To Cry" state
  • Fixes SCP-173 being able to move freely while blinded by a flash grenade
  • Fixed flash grenades flashing players through walls, doors, and other objects
  • Fixed item pickups not appearing in rooms whose doors are destroyed before being opened.
  • Fixed being able to display the inventory screen before the round has started.
  • Various anticheat improvements and several exploit fixes.
  • Improved HTTP requests on Windows, and fixed HTTP requests on Linux servers.

API Changes

  • Updated NorthwoodLib.
  • Doors now have a Vector2 variable called PrySpeed, which dictates the speed that SCP-096 moves through them while prying. This is used to allow 096 to move through heavy gates whose sizes are larger than normal (including the Surface Zone’s heavy gate.)


This was a much smaller patch than version 10.0.1, but was necessary to assemble and release a (slightly delayed) hotfix in order to address the issues it introduced. We're sorry for any trouble this may have caused, and we'll be trying to make steps to ensure that such an incident won't happen again.

Thank you for your continued support! It means the world to us. Keep your eyes open for upcoming tweaks and balance changes in the near future.

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