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Release Date 5 Aug 2018
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v7.2.0 v7.3.1
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  • New PA Announcements - removed the Containment Breach' MTF-NTF announcements and replaced them with a new and improved ‘PA’ system, titled CASSIE (Central Autonomic Service System for Internal Emergencies).
  • CASSIE will announce the specific division that spawns (ex. Foxtrot-12, Echo-07) and will detect the number of currently alive and/or uncontained SCPs within the facility. CASSIE also announces the death of any SCP (ex. "SCP One Zero Six contained successfully. Containment unit: Quebec-19")
  • Audio Ducking - the previous announcements were substantially loud, and often drowned out any other sounds in the game. This update introduces some well needed ‘audio ducking’, of which simply quietens other sounds that would otherwise be overwhelmed by a larger source. Thanks to that, overall volume and balance should be far better.
  • Laser Adjustment – The Laser attachment has been slightly modified to be far more convenient amidst other attachments. Lasers are now also less noticeable to other players.
  • Corrected Elevator Teleportation - Self-Explanatory - you can now throw a grenade (or any other item) inside the elevator, and it will teleport correctly with the rest of the players, as opposed to it disappearing outright.
  • SCP-914 Refreshes Item Durability/Usage - You can now recharge the radios, Micro HID and reload your guns at no cost. Just refine them on any of the ‘fine’ settings within SCP-914.
  • Breakable Glass! – You can now access the greenhouse in LCZ and break glass in SCP-372’s containment chamber. Because realism!
  • SCP-173 & SCP-096 Improvements – Following our findings in our recent game survey, we found that the community felt strongly that these SCPs were the weakest. We've adjusted some parameters, and hopefully made them somewhat more formidable amidst their stronger counterparts.
  • Texture Settings – You can now limit the resolution of in-game textures, which can improve performance on low-end PCs significantly.
  • Reworked the MTF-E11-SR Visuals - added more attachments (gyroscopic stabilizer, sniper barrel) as well a far better model with high quality textures. Weapon stats are the same for the most part. The new model is based on the HK416 / HK417.

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