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Weapon Manager Tablet
Description Used to drop ammo &
upgrade your weapons.
Type Equipment (Tool)
Usage Allows the user to operate
the Workstation and drop
Spawn LCZ armory
On certain Classes when
Spawn ID 19


Weapon Manager Tablets are a type of Item found in SCP: Secret Laboratory.

Weapon Manager Tablets are a device that, when used, provides info for each weapon and allows the player to drop ammo. The Tablet is also used to operate Workstations and activate Emergency Power Stations.

The Weapon Manager Tablet can be placed on a Workstation or an open Emergency Power Stations by pressing the E key on them, the Weapon Manager Tablet does not need to be equipped to do this, it just has to be in the player's inventory.
If placed in a Workstation, the player can modify attachments on a weapon of their choice. The Tablet will remain in the Workstation until removed by any player.
Weapon Manager Tablets are required to activated the Emergency Power Stations found around in Heavy Containment Zone. There are 5 in total and spawn in a different location each round. Turning on all 5 will overcharge Heavy Containment Zone, killing SCP-079. If the Emergency Power Station is activated or disabled manually before then, the Tablet will be ejected and fall to the floor.