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SCP 173.png
Health 3200
Spawn Zone Light Containment Zone
Movement Speed Base: 12.5 m/s
Max: 20 m/s
Special Ability Move at high speeds when nobody is looking at it
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Class ID 0


SCP-173 is one of the seven playable SCP classes in SCP: Secret Laboratory.
SCP-173 is a sculpture that is able to move at extremely high speeds, but when looked at, will come to a complete stop. SCP-173 is able to move when targets looking at him blink.
SCP-173 acts as an ambush class SCP, meant to ambush a single target or small group.

In Game

SCP-173 will spawn in its containment cell in Light Containment Zone. SCP-173 can't leave his cell right away as it is locked, to allow Class-D and Scientist some time to explore. After a short amount of time SCP-173 can leave his cell to begin killing humans in and around LCZ. SCP-173 can be controlled with WASD to move, and Spacebar to jump, though 173's jump height is very low.

SCP-173 can instantly kill players with a Left Click.png Left Click. Players can also hold down Left Click.png Left Click to snap someone's neck if they can predict where they will be when they blink. However when being looked at, SCP-173 will cease all movement, leaving it immobile until the enemy blinks, at which 173 gets a chance to either get closer or back off from its prey. All humans blink at the same time, the timer for blinking is always on, even if no one is currently looking at SCP-173. This means it is possible for SCP-173 to move as soon as a player looks at him if the timer is almost over.

As SCP-173 takes damage its movement speed will increase, making it even more dangerous when low on health. When killed SCP-173 will fall apart on the spot, signaling its end.

SCP-173 can talk to the other SCPs by holding down the Q key. This voice chat can be heard by all SCPs no matter the distance.

At Tier 2, SCP-079 can Blackout a room for 60 AP, allowing SCP-173 to freely move. This can be countered with the Flashlights such as the item or attachment or by using the Night Vision attachment.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Instantly Kills.
  • Fast Movement.
  • Gains speed as it is damaged, to a point where it is able to cross a room within a single blink.
  • High health pool.
  • Footsteps are quieter than other SCPs, allowing for easier flanking.
  • Combos incredibly well with other SCPs, especially 079 and 096.


  • Stops movement immediately upon being looked at.
  • An incredibly easy target to armed forces, as it is completely immobile whilst being viewed.
  • Speed is a clear indicator of HP and players may become more aggressive the faster SCP-173 is.
  • Incredibly vulnerable to the Micro-HID.
  • Can be trapped in lockable rooms.
  • It is occasionally difficult to kill a mindful player if SCP-173 is alone and/or on high health.

Related Achievements

Dying to SCP-173 grants the Is this your first time? achievement.




  • SCP-173 doesn't have a ragdoll upon death, instead falling apart into pieces when killed.