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Appearance F1 Menu Art

173Shield.png Reinforced Concrete (Passive)
Slight Bullet Resistance.
High penetration weapons deal more damage than
low penetration weapons.

173Shit.png Tantrum (Active)
SCP-173 leaves a pool of filth on the ground that slows people down.
Restores small amounts of Hume Shield if SCP-173 kills people who are currently stained by filth.

173Blink.png Blink (Active)
Teleport to a marker on the ground, forcing everyone to blink.
Will kill the nearest human if they are in range.

173Breakneck.png Break Neck Speeds (Active)
SCP-173 moves a lot faster and can blink further, but is unable to kill.

CATSTATUS.png Health: 3000
CATSHIELD.png Hume Shield: 1500
CATSPRINT.png Speed:
Normal: 7.5 m/s 

10 hubes

Break Neck: 12.8 m/s 

17 hubes

Other Information
Spawn Location: Light Containment Zone
Weakness: Can't move when looked at, Micro H.I.D.
Nickname: Matthew
Class ID 0
Article Link: Page

SCP-173 is one of the seven playable SCP classes in SCP: Secret Laboratory.
SCP-173 is a sculpture that is able to move at high speeds, but when looked at, will come to a complete stop.
SCP-173 acts as an assassin class SCP, meant to quickly hunt down and eliminate a single target or small groups.

In Game

SCP-173 will spawn in its containment cell in Light Containment Zone. SCP-173 can't leave his cell right away as it is locked, to allow Class-D and Scientist some time to explore. After a short amount of time SCP-173 can leave his cell to begin killing humans in and around LCZ. SCP-173 can be controlled with WASD to move, and Spacebar to jump, though 173's jump height is very low.

When SCP-173 isn't being observed, they can press Left Click.png Left Click to snap player's necks. When being looked at, SCP-173 will cease all movement, a at which point, SCP-173 can use their Blink ability. This is done by holding Right Click.png Right Click, which allow SCP-173 to charge up the ability. After it fully charges up, SCP-173 will see to show where they teleport to. The player then must release Right Click.png Right Click to teleport, this will force humans to blink and kill the nearest human if they are in-range of where SCP-173 teleported to. The charge up time for the Blink ability changes depending on the amount of players looking at SCP-173. By default the time is three seconds, with 0.6 seconds added with each additional player looking at SCP-173. The timer will only factor in players looking at SCP-173 at the start of the countdown. Time will not be added to the timer while it is counting down. If SCP-173 has no more players looking at them, the timer will still count down for three more seconds. SCP-173 can still move around during this time. If timed correctly, SCP-173 can use this to blink right away if a player spots them.

Breakneck Speeds can be turned on by pressing Shift, which will make SCP-173 move a lot faster and increase blink distance by 1.5x, but be unable to kill players. It also cuts blink time in half, so it is now 1.5s plus 0.3 per additional player. This is useful to escape a sticky situation or move around the map quickly. This mode ends when the player presses Shift again. It also ends if SCP-173 is spotted, with a ten second of grace period where the ability is still activated. The ability has a 40 second cooldown or can be ended instantly by pressing. Breakneck Speeds has a 1.5 second grace period after being activated where it won't be disabled by pressing Shift again, this acts as a failsafe so players don't accidentally turn the ability off as soon as they use it.

Pressing the F key will make SCP-173 leave filth on the ground. This will give players the Stained Effect which reduces movement speed by 20% and makes players unable to sprint. After leaving the pool of filth, the Stained effect will last for two seconds before going away. If SCP-173 kills someone while they are under the effect, they will gain 100 Hume Shield. Tesla Gates will destroy nearby filth.

SCP-173 has bullet resistance similar to SCP-106, but unlike SCP-106, the bullet resistance isn't as high and the damage taken is based on the penetration of the weapon. Weapons with lower penetration will deal less damage than weapons with higher penetration.

SCP-173 can talk to the other SCPs by holding down the Q key. This voice chat can be heard by all SCPs no matter the distance.

At Tier 2, SCP-079 can Blackout a room for 60 AP, allowing SCP-173 to freely move. This can be countered with the Flashlights such as the item or attachment or by using the Night Vision attachment.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Instantly Kills.
  • The Breakneck Speeds ability makes it easy to escape large armed groups.
  • Tantrum ability is useful for ambushing as it slows humans down and makes them unable to sprint.
    • Players who have the "Stained" effect from Tantrum will restore 100 Hume Shield when killed by SCP-173.
  • Combos incredibly well with other SCPs, especially 079 and 096.


  • Stops movement immediately upon being looked at.
  • An incredibly easy target to armed forces, as it is completely immobile whilst being viewed.
  • Incredibly vulnerable to the Micro-HID.
  • Can be trapped in lockable rooms.
  • The more players looking at SCP-173, the longer the Blink ability has to be charged up.

Related Achievements

Dying to SCP-173 grants the Is this your first time? achievement.


Sight Stingers
Chase Ambient
Attack Sounds
Ability SFX



  • SCP-173 doesn't have a ragdoll upon death, instead falling apart into pieces when killed.