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ATTENTION! This article's topic contains information about the Anniversary-Christmas 2022 Event. SCP-559 was removed from the game after the event ended.
This page only exist for trivia purposes now.

Basic Information
Type SCP Object
Spawn Appears randomly
Applied Effects Turns a player into a child
Other Information
Article Link SCP Article

SCP-559 is an Event SCP introduced in the Anniversary-Christmas 2022 update. It turns players into a child, boosting their stats.

Operational Guide

It’s your birthday! Another year has come and gone. With each celebration, you become increasingly aware of the passing of time. Though you were once young and sprightly, your golden years are far behind you.

As your family sits around you, smiling, you prepare to blow out the candles and make a wish. You wish, for just a day, to get a taste of the youth you once took for granted, to revel in the freedom of being young.

You blow out the candles.

Your wish has come true.

“I enjoy working with SCP-559. A lot of the work we do down here can really do a number on your psyche. The lifeless corridors, the looming threat of a containment breach; it all makes it really hard to have peace of mind. But, man, whenever I get to experiment with SCP-559, I always make sure to include just a handful of candles. Seeing those grizzled Class-D turn into kids, innocent and hopeful, reminds me what I’m fighting for. It reminds me that my work is important. It reminds me that there’s good in the world that’s worth protecting.”
-Dr. Bellita Litfire, Junior Researcher, Site-02

In Game

SCP-559 will be disabled at the start of the round for 30 seconds. After the 30 seconds has passed, SCP-559 will teleport to a random room from a predefined list, preferring a room that contains large groups of players not under its effects. SCP-559 will play Happy Birthday upon spawning. Any human player can interact with SCP-559 to blow out the candles, which then applies the SCP-559 Turns the player into a child.
Increases player's speed while decreasing Stamina drain.
Decreases weapon motor skills.
Status Effect. The cake only has a limited amount of candles before it runs out, with each interaction blowing out all the candles on one slice.

After 120 seconds has passed, SCP-559 will despawn and wait 30 seconds before picking a new room, repeating the cycle.

SCP-956 will become active if any players are currently under the effects of SCP-559. Standing within five meters of SCP-956 while under the effects of SCP-559 will apply the SCP-956 Locks all player movement.
Forces the camera to lock on SCP-956.
Status Effect to the player after 2.5 seconds have passed.

The following effects are applied by SCP-559:

  • Stamina decreases 50% slower
  • 30% increase in weapon draw time
  • 20% increase in reload time
  • 10% increase in weapon recoil
  • 5% increase in movement speed
  • Player height reduced by 37.2%

The SCP-559 effect was removed upon using SCP-500.

Spawn Locations

SCP-559 can spawn in the following locations. For accuracy sake, all the rooms listed will use their names at the time of the event.

Light Containment Zone

Heavy Containment Zone

Entrance Zone


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