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Status Effects are a mechanic in SCP: Secret Laboratory that are used to change the stats of a player.
Status Effects can be applied via Remote Admin or other sources in game.

Currently most status effects can only be applied via Remote Admin.

List of Status Effects[edit]

Positive Status Effects are shown in green.
Negative Status Effects are shown in red.
Mixed Status effects are shown in pink.

Name Effects In game Source Removed after/by
Invigorated* Gives the player infinite sprint. Adrenaline 20 seconds
SCP-268 Makes the player invisible for a short time. SCP-268 15 seconds
Amnesia Cause the player to not be able to reload their weapon or open their inventory. Being bit by SCP-939 SCP-500; 3 seconds
Asphyxiated Drains the player's stamina; if there is no stamina left to drain it will instead drain the player's health. - -
Bleeding Damage over time; starts high but gets lower; damage dealt every 5 seconds. Damage: 20HP - 2HP - Medkit, Damage reduced by SCP-500
Blinded Makes the player's screen very blurry. - -
Burned Increases the damage the player takes. Damage is increased by a multiple of 1.1. Explosion from SCP-018 and Fragmentation Grenade Medkit and SCP-500; 10 seconds
Concussed Causes the players screen to get blurry when they turn, the faster they turn the blurrier it gets. Explosion from SCP-018 and Fragmentation Grenade Adrenaline, Painkillers and SCP-500; 10 seconds
Corroding Teleports the player to the Pocket Dimension, then drains their HP. Attacked by SCP-106 Exiting the Pocket Dimension
Deafen Makes it harder for the player to hear noises. Flashbang Grenade SCP-500; 3-5 seconds
Decontaminating Removes 10% of the players' health every second. Decontamination Process -
Disabled Slows down all movement. - -
Ensnared Stops all movement. - -
Exhausted Halves the maximum stamina capacity and stamina regeneration rate. - -
Flashed Makes the player unable to see at all for a short time. Flashbang Grenade 3-5 seconds
Hemorrhage The player's health drains by 2HP/s while sprinting. This is not the same effect as SCP-207's health drain. - -
Panic Slighty increases the player's stamina consumption. - -
Poisoned Damages the player over time; starts low but gets higher; damage dealt every 5 seconds. Damage: 2HP - 20HP - SCP-500
Sinkhole Slows down players; SCPs are immune to this effect. Sinkhole Trap Exiting the trap
SCP-207 Infinite sprint; Increased movement speed; health drain; can stack up to 4. SCP-207 SCP-500; Escaping as Class-D or Scientist
SCP-939 Visuals Can only see people making noises; can see people through walls. Playing as SCP-939 -

*SCP-207 does not give the Invigorated effect, as SCP-207 is its own effect. This can be seen by how Invigorated has a screen effect while SCP-207 does not.

Artificial HP[edit]

Artificial HP is a type of effect in SCP: Secret Laboratory that is given by using Adrenaline.
Artificial HP will absorb 70% of damage that a player takes, while the player's actual HP will only take 30% of the damage it would normally take.
Interestingly, Artificial HP is not listed as a status effect in the Remote Admin, despite functioning very similar to one.