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This article is about the Artificial HP. For pages with similar naming, see the Secondary HP (Disambiguation) page.

Artificial HP is a Mechanic in SCP: Secret Laboratory that acts as a small, secondary HP bar for humans, that can be applied by the use of items.


Artificial HP (or simply AHP) is a secondary health bar that will absorb 70% of damage that a player takes, while the player's actual HP will only take 30% of the damage it would normally take.
Artificial HP is displayed as a green bar that appears above the normal HP bar. Items that give decaying AHP will decay at their own rate. For example, using two Adrenaline will give the player 80 AHP, but it won't decay at 1.2 AHP/s. Instead, it will decay at double the rate, until it hits 40, were it will then decay at the normal rate.
This system will also factor in left over AHP vs new AHP. So if a player has 20 AHP left over from one Adrenaline, then uses a second Adrenaline. The player would have 60 AHP that will decay at double the rate until it hits 20 AHP.
If the player uses an item that gives non-decaying AHP, then later uses an item that gives decaying AHP, only the amount given from the later item will decay.

Artificial HP should not be confused for Hume Shield, which is a regenerating "secondary" HP bars that SCPs have, which absorb 100% of damage taken.

In Game[edit]

Artificial HP can be applied by in following ways:

  • Adrenaline
    • Grants 40 Artificial Health that decays at 1.2 AHP/s.
      • The decay rate becomes faster while under the effects of multiple Adrenaline.
  • SCP-330
    • Blue Candy grants 30 AHP that won't decay.
    • Rainbow Candy grants 20 AHP that won't decay for 10 seconds.
  • SCP-330 Halloween Event 2021
    • Blue Candy granted 350 AHP that won't decay for 15 seconds.
    • Red Candy granted 50 AHP that won't decay for 15 seconds.
    • Purple Candy granted 600 AHP that decayed at 10 AHP/s after a 15 seconds grace period.
  • SCP-330 Halloween Event 2020
    • Purple Candy gave the player 25 AHP
    • Pink Candy gave the player a very weak AHP regen, of 3 AHP every 5 seconds; this lasted for 10 seconds.
      • Pink Candy would also instantly explode, killing the player, causing the AHP to only be seen via Godmode.


The Artificial Health bar