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Clutter System is a mechanic in SCP: Secret Laboratory used to customize rooms. The system allows props and more to be randomly spawned in a room, allowing hallways and rooms to have more variance.
Currently, the system is only used to spawn Sinkholes in Light Containment Zone while also being used to spawn in props for both Halloween and Christmas throughout Site-02.
It should be noted that the Clutter System does not turn the Halloween or X-mas achievements on.

LCZ Sinkhole[edit]

The Sinkhole

If turned on by the server owner in the configs, Sinkholes have a chance of spawning in LCZ 4 Way intersections.
If a sinkhole is present, it will slow down any players that aren't SCPs.
Unlike in Containment Breach, sinkholes will not teleport the player to the Pocket Dimension, this is intentional to stop players in Light Containment Zone from getting into Heavy Containment Zone early game.

Seasonal Props[edit]

During certain times of the year, props will spawn around Site-02 to fit a seasonal holiday.
The Clutter System spawns Seasonal Props based on the "Universal Standard Time" (UST) time zone and not the time zone of the player.
Remember that the related achievements are not turned on by the Clutter System.

No holiday props are spawning at the moment.


During all of October, pumpkins and candles will spawn around Site-02.


During December, X-mas related props will spawn around Site-02, while the Surface Zone gets covered in snow.

From December 25th to December 31st, the C.A.S.S.I.E. MTF announcement will be changed to the Xmas version.
Can also be forced to happen earlier and longer by the devs for Xmas Events.

"Tactical Holiday Unit, Epsilon-11, designated, "[Military Phonetic Alphabet-[#], has entered the workshop. All remaining elves are advised to seek shelter in the nearest gingerbread house, until a unit has festivized the facility. Awaiting recontainment of [#] spoil-sport holiday haters. "