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Hume Shield is a mechanic in SCP: Secret Laboratory that works a bit similar to Artificial HP, though with some differences.
Hume Shield will absorb 100% of all damage until depleted. Hume Shield exist to allow SCPs to still be viable late game while also making them not
be taken down easily with chip damage.
While both Hume Shield and Artificial HP both work somewhat similar to each other, they are two different things. Hume Shield will regenerate over time back to its base value, while Artificial HP slowly decays over time. Artificial HP also only absorbs 70% of damage taken instead of 100%. Despite this Hume Shield is still called AHP in both spectator and in the Hume Shield bar.


The anomalous abilities of all SCPs cause them to generate Hume Shield, giving them a form of protection. The more powerful their anomalous traits are, the more Hume Shield they generate. It has been noticed that SCPs will generate more Hume Shield than normal when actively using their anomalous abilities. Hume Shield levels return to normal when said activity ceases.

In game[edit]

Currently Hume Shield is only used for SCP-096.


SCP-096 has a base Hume Shield of 350.
This regens at a rate of 5 Hume Shield a second if SCP-096 hasn't taken damage for over 10 seconds.
For each target SCP-096 gains, his Hume Shield increases by 70. There is no cap to this.
After exiting his rage state, SCP-096's Hume Shield returns to 350.
While SCP-096 has Hume Shield, a trial like effect can be seen around their body.


Lore wise speaking, SCP-079 would have Hume Shield, but in-game this is not the case. Because of this, it is unknown how much Hume Shield SCP-079 generates.


  • Hume Shield went through other names such as Aetheric Resistance, Agony and Despair.
  • Hume Shield is loosely based off Hume from the SCP Wiki, a way to measure how easily reality can be bent in a given area. Reality bendings SCPs are known to have high levels of Hume.