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This article is about the SCP-207?. You may be looking for SCP-207.
Basic Information
Description Opposite day?
Type Consumable (Treatment?)
Usage Makes the user slower, but slowly regens HP.
Weight Affects item pick-up time, window breaking and throw distance 1 kg
Usage Time 3.2s
Pick-Up Time 0.42s Unrounded value: 0.42s
Obtainable from 914? True
Deletion % in PD Pocket Dimension High Tier (0%)
Disarm Immunity? Does having this item equipped make the player immune to being disarmed? Immune
Applied Effects SCP-207? Effect Decreased movement speed with health regeneration
Other Information
Article Link SCP Article
Debug Name AntiSCP207
Item ID 51

SCP-207? also known as Anti-SCP-207 is an SCP Item found in SCP Secret Laboratory. SCP-207? is a special variant of SCP-207 that can only be obtained by refining SCP-207 on 1:1 with SCP-914.

In Game

As the name implies, it is the opposite of SCP-207, decreasing one's speed while applying HP regeneration. The slower the player moves, the faster their HP regenerates. Players can drink multiple SCP-207?s to increase its effects. A player can stack up to a total of four SCP-207?s. While equipped, SCP-207? can be consumed by pressing Left Click.

SCP-207? has the unique property of saving the player's life once. Upon reaching 0 HP, the player will not be killed and instead will be left at 1 HP and be granted 0.25 seconds of damage immunity. There will also be two seconds of invulnerability to Tesla Gates. The effects of SCP-207? are completely removed afterwards, leaving the player vulnerable. SCP-207? will not save the player from certain Status Effects or any instant kill attacks, such as Severed Hands or SCP-939's Lunge. Any Artificial HP the player has while under the effect is counted as part of the player's normal HP when it comes to the "death save mechanic". So a player with "35 AHP and 5 HP" is treated as a player with 40 HP, which will prevent the death save mechanic from going off if the player's normal HP takes damage that is less than the collective total of the AHP and HP but great enough to deplete the five HP.
The following will bypass SCP-207?'s death save:

Additionally, SCP-207? does not remove Status Effects upon saving a player. So lethal Status Effects may kill the player shortly after.

If the player drinks both SCP-207 and SCP-207? they will explode after 1.05 seconds. Using SCP-500 will completely cure the player of the effects of SCP-207?. Applying SCP-1853 while under the effects of SCP-207? will also apply the Poisoned Damage dealt every 5 seconds. Slowly increases over time. Damage: 2HP - 20HP Status Effect. SCP-500 can be used to remove the Poisoned effect alongside the SCP-207? and SCP-1853 effect.

The speed decrease from SCP-207? decreases the distance SCP-939 can hear one's footsteps.

One SCP-207? grants a 9.75% speed penalty to the player. Two will grant a 14.74% speed penalty. Three will grant a 19.97% speed penalty. Four will grant a 25.43% speed penalty.

One SCP-207? Two SCP-207?s Three SCP-207?s Four SCP-207?s
Movement Speed Health Gain Speed Health Gain Speed Health Gain Speed Health Gain
Standing 0 m/s 1 HP/s 0 m/s 1.5 HP/s 0 m/s 2.5 HP/s 0 m/s 4 HP/s
Sneaking 1.444 m/s 0.4 HP/s 1.36 m/s 0.6 HP/s 1.28 m/s 1 HP/s 1.19 m/s 1.6 HP/s
Walking 3.52 m/s 0.15 HP/s 3.33 m/s 0.23 HP/s 3.12 m/s 0.38 HP/s 2.91 m/s 0.6 HP/s
Sprinting 4.87 m/s 0.1 HP/s 4.6 m/s 0.15 HP/s 4.32 m/s 0.25 HP/s 4.03 m/s 0.4 HP/s

Related Achievements

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Fire In The Hole
Kill another player with an explosion.

Property of the Chaos Insurgency
As a Class-D Personnel, escape with two or more SCP items in your inventory.


Ambience Stack
Other SFX



  • Even though the player is clearly drinking SCP-207?, the amount of liquid inside the bottle does not decrease.
  • During indev, SCP-207?'s item description was Regeneratively decreases motor skills.
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