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This article is about the A7. You may be looking for the AK.
Basic Info
Type """Sidearm"""
Cartridge Type 7.62x39mm
Ammo Capacity 30 (+1)
Spawn Locations None
Basic Stats
Damage 26.2
Fire Rate 450 7.5 bullets per second
Weight 1.7 kg
Handling Stats
Draw Time Default draw time 0.5s
Draw + Chamber Time Draw time for unchambered firearm 1.31s
Tactical Reload Reload time when the magazine is NOT empty 2.9s
Combat Reload Reload time when the magazine is empty 3.76s
Pick-Up Time Higher weight increases time 0.54s Unrounded value: 0.5425s
Accuracy Stats
Hip Fire Accuracy This value is added to Bullet Accuracy with rounding. 2.2°
Aiming Accuracy This value is added to Bullet Accuracy without rounding.
Values past the 100th place are not shown ingame.
Running Accuracy 2.8°
Miscellaneous Info
Obtainable from 914? True
Deletion % in PD Pocket Dimension High Tier (0%)
Disarm Immunity? Does having this item equipped make the player
immune to being disarmed?
Attachment Combos  0
Inspired by A7
Debug Name GunA7
Item ID 53

The A7 is a Special Weapon that can only be made by placing the AK in SCP-914 on Coarse.

In Game

The A7 has the appearance of a very short AK. When fired, the weapon has a bright muzzle flash. This muzzle flash makes it hard to see while firing and can easily give away one's position. The weapon has a very aggressive recoil and accuracy, though it is more controllable than the COM-45. The weapon has a unique ability where targets within a short distance from the firearm are given the Burned Increases the damage the player takes Status Effect for 10 seconds per shot up to a max of 20 seconds. This range is 1.1 meters long and includes SCPs. Players do NOT have to actually be hit by the bullets to get the Burned effect, and simply have to be in range while it is firing. This makes the firearm more effective in very close range as it increases its damage output. The firearm can be created by placing the AK in SCP-914 on Coarse with a 50% success rate.

The barrel of the A7 quickly heats up while firing the weapon. This effect is purely visual and does not affect the performance of the firearm.

Holding down the E key on a player with the A7 equipped will disarm the player.

The A7 has no attachments.


While the firearm has the same damage stat as the AK, it does not have the same penetration value, instead having a value of 70%.

No Armor Light Armor Combat Armor Heavy Armor
Penetration 70% 70% 70% 70%
Body (100%) 26.2 23.06 21.48 19.91
Limb (70%) 18.34 18.34 18.34 18.34
Head (200%) 52.4 52.4 39.82 39.82
AHP (30%) 7.86 6.92 6.45 5.97
Burned (125%) 32.75 28.82 26.86 24.89
Purple Candy (80%) 20.96 18.448 17.184 15.928
Rainbow Candy (95%) 24.89 21.907 20.406 18.9145
One hit to kill.
Two hits to kill.
Three hits to kill.
Four hits to kill.
Five hits to kill.


  • These values are auto calculated by Mediawiki, there may be some rounding differences between it and Unity, so some values may be off by a tiny bit.
  • Armor does not reduce limb damage.
  • Rainbow Candy does not reduce head or limb damage.
  • Rainbow Candy's Bodyshot Reduction is permanent and stacks up to 4. (Lowering damage to 85%). The value in the chart represents 1 Rainbow Candy.
  • Purple Candy does not stack with itself
  • Shotgun does not deal headshot or limb damage.
  • SCPs do not take limb or headshot damage besides SCP-049-2
  • SCP-173 bullet resistance is the same as Heavy Armor. Hume Shield does not have any resistance
  • Combat Armor and Heavy Armor have the same protection level against headshots. While Light Armor has no protection against headshots
  • The rows listed as AHP represents how much damage HP takes while under the effects of AHP. It does not represent how much AHP is lost.

Related Achievements

Click to view 3 achievement(s) related to A7:

Be Polite. Be Efficient
With a firearm, kill five enemies in under 30 seconds. The timer starts after the first kill.

Change in Command
Disarm an MTF operative.

... You Thinking What I'm Thinking?
Pick up any firearm as a Class-D Personnel.




  • The A7 is based off a meme showing off cursed firearms.
  • The A7's design is meant to be a AK pattern rifle which uses the wooden stock of a AK as a frame.
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