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Description Uses Battery while on. Longer range
means higher battery use.
Type Equipment (Tool)
Usage Allows long range
Spawn Various lockers.
On certain
Classes when spawning
Spawn ID 12

In Game[edit]

Radios are a type of Item found in SCP: Secret Laboratory.

Radios allow for long range communication between other players who have radios, regardless of what team they may be on.

To use the radio, hold down the V key, this can be changed in the Key Bindings setting, called "Alt Chat".

The radio can be turned off by pressing Right Click.png Right Click.

One can change the channels by equipping the radio and pressing Left Click.png Left Click. There are currently 4 ranges: Short Range, Medium Range, Long Range and Ultra Range (SR, MR, LR, UR).
Ultra range allows for full site communication, regardless of the location. Players utilizing UR can only hear people who are also on the UR channel.

Radios start with 100% charge, which will slowly deplete if the radio remains active. Higher ranges will drain power faster.
While the radio is turned off, battery will not be consumed. Depleted radios can be recharged in SCP-914 on the 1:1 and Fine settings.


  • SR - 130m range on the same elevation level
  • MR - 175m range on the same elevation level
  • LR - infinite range on the same elevation level
  • UR - Infinite range on all elevation levels


  • Spawns on all MTF Operatives and Facility Guards.
    • The radio will automatically be turned on upon spawning and set to the SR range.



  • The inventory icon for the Radio uses an outdated model.